Purity Products My Biotin Pro Clinical: Nourishing Your Hair – Our Review

All my life, I have struggled with thin hair. For a long time, I simply accepted it as my lot in life. My mom and her mom both have thin hair, and I think it’s just in my genetics, so I always figured there was nothing I could do about it.

But one day, I was trying to put my hair into a bit more of a complicated braided hairstyle, and all the strands of hair kept falling out because I simply didn’t have enough to make the braid work. For whatever reason — even though I’ve lived with this hair my whole life — that one experience pushed me over the edge.

I just found myself so sick of having to style my hair specifically to hide how thin it is. So, I began my journey into researching thick hair, and FINALLY I have found a product that works as well as the reviews say.

I have put so much time, money, and energy into my haircare journey that I would be remiss not to share my experience with as many people as possible. So here it is: My review of the first haircare product that actually truly worked for me, My Biotin Pro Clinical from Purity Products.

How Does Biotin Affect Hair?

Let me start by saying that I’ve tried biotin before, and it has never stuck until I tried this specific product. There are a couple of reasons for that that I’ll explain later. Among the various tactics I’ve tried to thicken up my hair, biotin seemed to work the best, along with improving my diet and taking a fish oil supplement.

As far as hair goes, it’s all about what you put in your body. But if you’ve done any research into supplements and vitamins at all, you probably know that they generally aren’t effective unless you’re lacking in them in the first place. So, biotin is *usually* useless for improving your hair, skin, and nail health unless you’re deficient in the first place.

Well, that’s reason number one why this product has turned out to be the exception to everything I thought I knew about haircare and thickening up my strands. My Biotin Pro Clinical is formulated with “MB40X,” a proprietary matrix of Magnesium Biotinate and Arginine Silicate.

I’m not a scientist, so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on what, exactly, either of these substances are. All I know is this: the biotin supplements I was taking before getting on My Biotin Pro Clinical didn’t contain MB40X, and they also didn’t work half as well.

Once I got on these biotin supplements, everything changed for me and my hair. Coincidence? I think not.

Let me walk you through exactly what happened after I started taking My Biotin Pro. I started taking it religiously as soon as my bottle arrived in the mail — one per day, along with my allergy meds and other vitamins.

It took about a month for me to start seeing an initial effect. All of a sudden, I noticed all these baby hairs at the edge of my scalp and the nape of my neck, and my hair just seemed healthier in general. I thought maybe in my excitement and eagerness to try this product, I might be imagining this hair growth, but the next two months just confirmed it.

Within three months of beginning My Biotin Pro Clinical, my hair was NOTICEABLY thicker and healthier. I started getting compliments on it left and right and could hardly believe how much more confident I felt.

Honestly, the increased confidence might have been the best part of this whole experience. I never realized how much my thin hair was crushing my self-esteem until I didn’t have to deal with it anymore.

I can finally do that braided hairstyle that led me to this haircare journey in the first place, and I don’t have to worry about my scalp peeking through when I put my hair up into a ponytail because my hair is so thin. In general, I no longer stress about my hair or even think twice about it, except to admire how good it looks. What a game-changer for my self-esteem.

Will Biotin Pro Clinical Help My Skin?

What really shocked me about this product is how awesome it’s been for my skin, too. Biotin is sometimes called the “hair, skin, and nail supplement” because it tends to be beneficial for the health of all of those parts of the body.

Since I got it primarily for my hair, I didn’t really consider how it would impact my skin. But I feel like my complexion has evened out and developed a healthy glow since I started taking biotin, which has been a totally unexpected but super welcome side effect.

I’m at the age where I’m just starting to become conscientious of my wrinkles, and I feel like taking biotin has drastically slowed down the accumulation of my crow’s feet and fine lines around my mouth and nose. In fact, at least twice now, a friend has asked me what I mixed up in my skincare routine to make my face so glowy and radiant, and I’ve told them the honest truth – biotin!

Specifically, the My Biotin Pro Clinical supplement. In addition to the MB40X, it also contains Astaxanthin, which apparently is an antioxidant even more powerful than vitamin C. I think that’s the secret here as far as my skin health goes.

Interestingly, although you’d think it would go hand-in-hand with my thin hair, I’ve always had pretty long and healthy nails. So, I didn’t personally notice a huge difference in my nails before and after using this product.

But based on how much healthier it’s made my skin and my hair, I think that people suffering from thin or easily broken nails could benefit from this supplement as much as I’ve benefited from it for my hair.

I just think that this product is so effective at what it does that anyone with thin hair, thin nails, or sallow skin could get a ton of benefits from it, even if their diet and health are otherwise excellent.

How Much Does Biotin Pro Clinical Cost?

So, clearly I’m a fan of this stuff. Now let’s talk price point. If you’ve been in the supplement game for a while, you know that this stuff can get pretty pricey. While My Biotin Pro Clinical is definitely not the LEAST expensive vitamin I’ve seen out there, it’s definitely not the MOST expensive.

I actually think that for the value of what you’re getting, it’s seriously worth the money. It ends up being about $38 per month. When I first realized this, I was a bit bummed. It just seemed like a lot of money to spend on what’s essentially vitamins, you know?

But, when I thought about it for a second longer, I realized, wait a second, that’s $38 per month for the hair of my DREAMS. The hair I’ve literally been wishing for and fantasizing about my entire life. And in fact, that actually might be the best $38 I spend all month, given how much it boosts my self-esteem and self-confidence.

Overall: I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone struggling with thin hair and nails or their first wrinkles. It has worked SO well for me, and I can’t imagine life without it.

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