Be Active Brace: Can It Really Relieve Pain? Our Detailed Review

I never thought that a brace that fits around my knee would be the secret to relieving my sciatica back pain. But I’ve been proven wrong. The Be Active Brace has done more for my sciatica than any other solution I’ve tried, and it fits around my knee, not my back! But once you understand exactly how this product works, it all makes sense.

Let me rewind a bit and explain some things so you can understand just how much the Be Active Brace has improved my life. I’ve dealt with pain in my lower back for years now. I don’t know where it came from – I used to play volleyball, so it’s possible it’s an old injury that lingered beneath the surface for years until I started aging – but it’s here now, and it’s been bothering me for a LONG time.

Well, it turns out this pain is from a pinched sciatica nerve. I believe the sciatica nerve is one of the longest (maybe THE longest) nerves in your body. It runs from your spine all the way down through your butt and your leg, past your knees, and down into your calf. If it gets pinched, it can cause shooting pains in all of these parts of the body, including in the lower back.

Since there are so many possible causes of lower back pain, it took me a while to find out that it was my sciatica nerve causing these problems. I tried using different back braces and pain relief strategies, mostly over-the-counter stuff. I don’t have great health insurance, so I tried to avoid doctor appointments or expensive pain relief solutions as much as possible. But I was starting to reach the point where those things felt inevitable. I just didn’t know how long I could put up with the constant ache in my back.

That’s when a friend recommended the Be Active Brace. He’d bought it at CVS and said the pain relief was immediate. So, I decided to give it a try, and boy, am I glad that I did.

What Is the Be Active Brace?

The brace wraps around your knee and provides targeted acupoint pressure to relieve pain. Basically, from what I understand, it compresses the nerve at an acupressure point around your knee and, in doing so, prevents the pain from radiating up into your back.

That’s certainly what feels like is happening – the brace is nice and compressive around my knee, with the same soothing quality as an ACE wrap or finger splint. And the pain relief is almost immediate. It was actually shocking how quickly it relieved the majority of the pain I was experiencing.

Is the Be Active Brace FDA Cleared?

I have to admit I had a bit of trepidation before buying this brace. It just seemed too good to be true, especially when all of my other options were going to cost a trip (possibly several) to the doctor’s office to see specialists, all to the tune of hundreds of dollars. I mean, this thing is like $25. What gave me a lot of comfort and pushed me over the edge to decide to buy it was the fact that it has been cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

If you aren’t familiar, the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) basically has to approve all new food and medical products before they can be officially sold under that category. So new medicines have to be approved by the FDA before they can actually market themselves as medicine, and the same is true for new food patents and medical devices.

If the Be Active Brace has been cleared by the FDA for marketing as a medical device, that means it passed their rigorous certification and approval process. So I knew that, at the very least, it wasn’t going to make my pain WORSE.

I was right, of course. Not only did not make my pain worse, it all but erased it. The thing about this product is that it was just SO easy to put it on and use it! All I had to do was slide it around my knee. It even fits discreetly under my clothes, so I can wear it with any outfit, anywhere. Easiest pain relief process EVER.

I used to have to plan my days around my back pain. I knew that I could only stand around so long or only do so much bending before I either would have to sit down in my special recliner or pop some heavy-duty pain relief. Adjusting my plans each day to accommodate this reality was a nightmare. With this brace, which, again, I can wear anywhere, I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s been a phenomenal experience.

Is the Be Active Brace Adjustable?

I’m a pretty normal-sized guy, I guess, but the brace is pretty adjustable, so as far as I can tell, I think it would fit almost anyone. It’s always been easy to adjust it to be perfectly snug around my knee. I think it helps that it goes around the knee – how much variation is there in knee sizes, really? I’ve worn this almost every day for about two months now, and so far, the quality hasn’t seemed to drop at all.

I throw it in the laundry once a week to make sure it remains clean and odorless – wash on gentle, then air dry. I’ve had no problems with shrinkage or anything else from doing this.

So, yeah, if you suffer from any sciatica-nerve-related pain, I would 100% recommend this product. Thanks to this brace, I was able to attend a neighborhood cookout and my granddaughter’s basketball game and even go for a few long walks with minimal pain.

Actually, surprising my granddaughter at that game was one of the happiest moments I’ve had in a long time. It’s an hour-long car ride to where my daughter and her family live, and my granddaughter knows that I usually have to watch her basketball game on the live stream rather than in person because that long car ride and sitting in the bleachers just kills my back. But once I realized that this brace actually worked, I decided to show up in person without telling her I was coming. The look on her face – I’m telling you, it was all worth it just for that. What a gift.

The Wrap-Up on the Be Active Brace

I’m not normally one to write such a long product review – heck, I’m not normally one to buy things from the internet at all. It tends to make me nervous because how do I know I’m actually going to get the product I want? But I am SO glad I took the risk with the Be Active Brace. I think it helped to know that it’s FDA-approved and also sold in places like CVS and Target.

Even though I bought mine online, it felt more legitimate. That’s why I’m spending so much time on this review – I want others to know that the Be Active Brace is the real deal, and it just might be exactly what they’ve been looking for to ease their sciatica back pain.

Overall, I give this product five stars. I would definitely buy it again, and I’d recommend it to all my friends and family.

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