Helio Air Broom: Sweeping With Ease – Our Review

Recently, after a LOT of time spent saving up money, planning, and preparing, I finally got the dog of my dreams: A rescue golden mix. (I’ve always wanted a golden retriever, but I am firmly against puppy mills. One of the reasons it took so long for me to get a dog is because I knew I needed to rescue).

I am SO happy with my Stella, and I wouldn’t change anything about her or this journey. However, there is one thing about my life that has changed. I definitely should’ve expected this development, but for some reason, I just didn’t really think about it: I now have golden retriever fluff ALL over my apartment.

When I say her hair is all over the place, I mean it: It’s EVERYWHERE. On the couch and floating through the air, on my bed, occasionally in my food…at least I’m getting a lot of fiber, I guess!

But most of all, it ends up all over my floor. I’m lucky enough that most of my apartment is hardwood, making it easier to clean and see the golden hairs all over the place. Within a week, I knew I needed to find a better cleaning solution than my three-year-old vacuum and musty broom. I did some research, and that’s when I discovered the Helio AirBroom.

What Is the Helio AirBroom?

Before discovering this product online, I’d never seen a broom like it before. It’s shaped, looks, and functions exactly like a broom, but it has a silicone edge, allowing it to clean up wet and dry messes simultaneously.

It is so useful, multi-functional, and, best of all, effective at cleaning up Stella’s hair. Seriously, my apartment has gone from “Oh my god, when was the last time you cleaned in here?” to “Wow, what a clean place — and what a sweet dog you have!”

I always thought brooms were just brooms without much variation between them, but the Helio Air Broom has proven me completely wrong. It’s not just great at cleaning up dog hair, but also gets rid of any other mess on my floors and works like a squeegee to clean my windows. Let me explain.

The Shape

So the broom is shaped exactly like a classic triangular broom, only the corners are a bit sharper — more acute, I’d say — making it easier to get into the corners, under couches, etc. But instead of bristles, this broom is made with a silicone edge, which works exactly like a squeegee but on the floor.

Unlike with a normal bristle broom, you don’t have to worry about sweeping into a corner and sending debris scattering across the floor — the silicone edge makes it so much easier to be precise and accurate with your sweeping, and the acute edges mean that nowhere on the floor will go unswept or untouched.

I have a section of my living room where the couch and two end tables are squeezed up against one wall, and it’s always been super hard for me to sweep or even vacuum because of how low to the ground everything is. It’s mostly fine because you can’t see under the furniture, of course, but I know dust and hair accumulate there, and it’s always bothered me. (I’m also allergic to dust, so I’ve always worked super hard to make sure my space is as clean and dust-free as possible.)

The Weight

What’s really interesting about the design of the Helio Broom is how light it is. I think the interior of the rod must be hollow because I can maneuver this thing around like nobody’s business.

Previously, I felt like I had to choose between either lightweight brooms that were easy to use but sort of flimsy and ineffective, or heavy-duty brooms that got the job done but were kind of a pain to maneuver and store. The Helio Air Broom is the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

It’s SO light that I can lift it above my head (and do so frequently to clean the windows — more on that later) and also pretty thin and inconspicuous for storage purposes. Yet it’s possibly the most effective, well-designed broom I’ve ever used. I didn’t realize these traits could go hand-in-hand until I found this broom.

The Silicone Squeegee

Okay, onto the squeegee functionality. Because the edge of the broom is silicone, you can use it on glass surfaces; I’ve found it SUPER useful for cleaning my windows. I thoroughly wash the broom first, of course — there’s no point in cleaning my windows if it’s just going to get floor dirt all over them — and then I spray Windex across the windows and squeegee the heck out of them. It’s SO useful.

I’ve never been one to clean my windows before — I don’t know why, it just didn’t occur to me as something to do — but I’ve actually noticed a difference now that I’ve been doing it regularly with this broom. I would highly recommend.

Is It Gentle?

Another great thing about this product is it’s gentle enough to use on surfaces like glass and nice hardwood. I was a little skeptical at first, especially since the price point is so reasonable. I mean, $30? Hello, that’s what I pay for basically everything these days, it seems!

For a cleaning solution that eliminates my dog hair problem, I’ll absolutely fork over that money. But I figured it was so affordable that it might not be safe to use on the nicer sections of my floor or windows. BOY, was I wrong. The Helio Air Broom really lives up to its name: it’s light as air and never leaves scratches or scuffs.

Can Helio Air Broom Clean Up Dry and Wet Messes?

Finally, one more thing I have to mention — I might have touched on this earlier, but the Helio Air Broom can clean up both wet and dry messes at once, thanks to the silicone edge. No more of that sweeping/vacuuming/mopping routine that takes so much time and energy.

Now, with this product, I can clean the floor in every way, all at once. It’s such a time-saver and has gone a long way in making my apartment look so much more put-together and clean while still being lived in. If I had known this type of product was possible, I would have bought one a long time ago.

If you need a new cleaning product or floor cleaning solution, go with the Helio Air Broom. I could not recommend it more. It’s been exactly what I need to get rid of the dog hair all over my floors, but it’s also helped with the cleanliness of my apartment in general.

People have even commented on how clean everything looks when they come over, and ask me what my secret is. My answer? I just bring them to my cleaning closet and point out the Helio Air Broom. It’s as simple as that.

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