Hydrosteel Pro: The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Product – Our Review

One of the greatest joys of my life is my lawn. My husband and I bought our house just for the backyard, in fact – the lawn is huge, perfect for the kids we knew we’d have one day, and with plenty of space to plant trees and a garden. Now, ten years after we bought the home, it’s everything I ever could have dreamed of. But one thing that I didn’t anticipate about having this beautiful backyard is how much upkeep it takes. It seems obvious in retrospect, but I just never thought about how much WORK it is to keep a big lawn and dense garden happy, healthy, and looking good.

Every weekend I’m back there pulling weeds, adding stakes and supports to some of the more fragile plants, and occasionally spraying for bugs — and, of course, nearly every other day during growing season, I’m back there watering.

If you’ve ever gardened before, you know that watering is a big commitment, especially during the summer. Just two days without sufficient water is enough to make an entire garden wilt, and after three to four days, plants start dying. You could put in months of hard work to make your yard look beautiful, but all it takes is a few days of neglect, and everything is ruined. That’s why having a solid watering routine, and the proper equipment – primarily the right hose – is SO important.

What Makes the Hydrosteel Pro Special?

It wasn’t long into my yardwork and gardening journey that I realized I needed to upgrade my hose, desperately. My old hose was heavy and hard to maneuver, yet still would kink and coil up like nobody’s business. I bought it because it could handle a huge amount of internal pressure, was about 100 feet long, and was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

At the time, I felt like I was making a good investment into a hose that wouldn’t need to be replaced for at least a decade, and would be able to reach every corner of my yard. Looking back, I see that what I really needed was a hose that was durable but also lightweight – heavy hoses are HARD to maneuver across a huge space. I’m not exaggerating when I say that having a heavy-duty hose made watering take probably twice as long as it should’ve.

After just one summer of dealing with the hose I’d initially bought, I decided it was time for an upgrade. So I began my research. Eventually, I stumbled upon the Hydrosteel Pro, and that’s still the hose I use to this day. Let me tell you about it and explain why I could not be more grateful to have found this hose online.


First of all, the Hydrosteel Pro is just about as durable and weather-resistant as the previous hose I used. It can withstand an internal pressure of up to 500 psi, which, believe me when I say that is MORE than enough for the everyday gardener/home landscaper to get away with. I’ve never had any worries about the hose bursting or ripping, even when I turn the spigot up to maximum flow and pressure to reach the furthest corners of my lawn without walking all the way there.

Where I live it hails a few times a year, blizzards in the winter, and we tend to get tornadoes every once in a while. The Hydrosteel Pro is made out of “construction-grade rubber,” so I don’t ever worry about it getting destroyed by the weather. It’s been nearly a decade now with this hose in my backyard, and it’s held up just fine.

The name of the hose (“Hydrosteel”) comes from the fact that the hose is wrapped with a stainless steel shield. This is why it’s so durable and weather-resistant, and also why it’s kink-proof. You can watch videos on the product website showing the hose tied in knots and yet still functioning correctly – that stainless steel shield prevents the internal rubber hose from knotting, meaning no matter how tangled up it gets, the water still flows through the hose just fine. I was initially doubtful of this, so I tested it out myself.

I tied the hose up into a couple of knots and tried using it. The water came out just fine – it seemed like the steel covering did exactly what it was supposed to do. Needless to say, I wish I had known that a hose design like this existed before I spent well over a hundred dollars on my previous heavy-duty hose.

Ease of Use

Here’s the real kicker: It’s actually lightweight and super easy to use. In fact, I couldn’t BELIEVE how light it was when it first came in the mail. The stainless steel shield must be super lightweight and flexible somehow, because this thing is one million times easier to use and maneuver than my previous hose, despite the fact that it’s just as weather-proof and durable.

If you garden, you know that a big part of watering is going back and shifting the hose through the yard so that you can reach all of your plants without crushing any by the weight of the hose. That’s honestly what takes the most time – going back and forth, retracing my steps, so that I can get all the plants watered without destroying them in the process. And that’s why watering with my old hose took so dang long – lifting the heavy weight of it, dragging it through the maze of plants without smashing any, was really difficult.

With my Hydrosteel, I still have to go back and forth and maneuver it through the garden – that’s an unavoidable part of watering. But it’s SO much easier to lift and pull. I’m not exactly sure what material the fabric is, but whatever is coating the outside of the hose obviously reduces friction and makes it easier to slide across any type of surface and untangle as well.

I don’t just use my Hydrosteel Pro to water my yard. I also use it to hose down the cars, power wash my patio and sidewalk, and clear my walkway of mud and debris after a storm. When I ordered my hose, it came with a free brass jet nozzle, and I’m not sure if that deal is still going on, but it felt like a steal to me – I use the jet nozzle anytime I need to powerwash or reach a distant corner of the yard. The pressure and force of the water that comes out of the hose is seriously impressive, but it still feels safe enough for my kids to use without the risk that they’re going to injure each other.

Having the brass jet nozzle is like the best of both worlds – I have a hose that can gently water my plants without destroying them, and can also scour away dirt and grime from my sidewalks and patio when needed. My husband also uses it to wash our cars every once in a while and has found it to be just as effective and easy to use as I have.

I’m not normally one to spend so much time raving about something as simple as a garden hose. But this one has made my life so much easier, and it’s lasted me almost a decade with barely any signs of wear and tear. I can’t imagine handling my yardwork and gardening without my Hydrosteel Pro, and I’m so glad that I’ll never have to.

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