Bell + Howell VacuTrim: Grooming Made Easy

I’ve been shaving the exact same way for 30 years. I didn’t think I would ever change my routine, but now I have. This product is so good I would recommend it to anyone who shaves.

The VacuTrim’s Unique Features and Praise

The VacuTrim is an adjustable electric trimmer very similar to the one that you’re likely used to if you use an electric trimmer. If not, welcome to a whole new world of shaving.

The difference, in my opinion, is that this is the best shaving product I’ve ever used. The quality and quantity of shave options are crazy. As soon as my sons are old enough to shave, I will be absolutely buying one of these for each of them. It’s just made my life so much easier.

Vacuum Function and Versatile Settings

The first and main thing I noticed about this electric trimmer is that it vacuums up all the loose hair as it shaves. I guess it’s kind of obvious since it’s in the name, but I didn’t realize that was the purpose until I started using it. I can’t imagine ever going back to a trimmer without this feature.

All the hair is suctioned immediately after being trimmed, so you don’t have to worry about getting little hairs all over the bathroom counter, sink, or tub. I’ve used it to touch up my beard super quickly right before an event and not have to worry about getting hairs all over my shirt because the VacuTrim takes care of it.

My wife appreciates this feature, too. She complimented me on how my cleanliness has improved, and I haven’t had the heart to explain why. Whoops.

The second thing I noticed was the sheer amount of settings the VacuTrim comes with. The dial spins between 20 different settings, so there’s no need for attachments. It’s amazing. I’ve only used a few of the trim settings, but I can’t imagine what type of facial hair situation would warrant needing an attachment once you have the VacuTrim.

It has just about everything covered. I use setting 1 for my beard, 5 for my sideburns, and I take the guide off to trim my chest hair. If you’re a particularly hairy dude, you could use this for other parts of your body besides your face and chest. It seems really versatile.

The blade on this trimmer is super sharp, so you can use it wet or dry. I’d definitely still recommend using shave cream — I’m confident in this thing, but not THAT confident — but at least according to the box, you’d be fine going without. I also think the blade IS sharp enough initially that you’d be fine. After several weeks of using it, it still seems pretty sharp, but I imagine it will need to be sharpened or replaced at some point.

Convenience and Portability: Rechargeable Batteries and Travel-Friendly Design

The Vacutrim doesn’t plug in; it uses rechargeable batteries. Some may disagree, but I love products with rechargeable batteries. It means you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet and long cords that get in the way, and it also means you save money on batteries.

Just plug it in every few days, and you’ll be totally good to go. I travel semi-regularly for work, and the rechargeable aspect makes it perfect for long weekends or trips. I charge it up beforehand, and it lasts several days without needing a charge. I end up saving space on cords/batteries in my bag and time during my trips.

The last time I traveled for work, I used it to touch up a spot I’d missed in the back of an Uber, and my Uber driver asked me where I’d gotten it from. I don’t know if he ended up buying one, but it impressed him! This thing is a miracle worker.

One of the reasons why I think this product is so perfect for me is that I tend to be a lazy shaver. I don’t pay quite as much attention as perhaps I should, and I usually don’t clean up very much. (The one way I’m NOT a lazy shaver is by using shave cream almost every time. Sorry, but I have no desire to nick myself.) The VacuTrim makes it even more painless and easy to shave, even multiple times a day if needed.

I know some guys that really enjoy shaving. They find it relaxing or approach it the same way a lot of women approach their hair, like an art form. If that sounds like you, the Vacutrim might not be the product for you.

It mostly speeds up the process and makes it quicker and easier. But, if you’re like me and shaving is just a part of your daily routine that you try to get through as quickly as possible, I cannot recommend this enough. It really gets the job done in terms of efficiency.

Price and Return Policy

Okay, let’s talk price. I’m usually not the type of guy to buy products online, especially ones I haven’t had a chance to try out myself or even hold in real life. It makes me nervous, you know?

But both the price point and money-back guarantee on this one really sold me. It’s $40, which, after using it, I think is well worth the cost. I spend probably twice that on just takeout each week, so $40 to save myself time and mess every morning? Yeah, definitely worth it.

Also, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. I’m positive about this because I looked it up before purchasing. So you can test it out and think about it, and if you don’t like the Vacutrim, just send it back within sixty days and get your money back. Easy peasy. I wish everything I bought had such a great return policy.

I know that if my dad could see me using this fancy-schmancy electric trimmer, he’d roll his eyes. “In my day, shaving didn’t add to the electric bill,” he’d say. Part of me feels like I’m betraying him by using this.

But honestly, I think if he gave it a genuine try, he’d become addicted, too. I’m sure when Ford first invented the automobile, people rolled their eyes at it, too, but then they dropped their horse-drawn carriages and adopted the way of the future. That’s what this is for shaving.


I’m not one to usually write such long and rambling product reviews, but I really feel strongly about this one. I’ve used it quickly in the back of a car, to trim my beard before an in-law’s wedding, and basically every morning for the past six months.

It’s made my morning routine so much smoother. And the thing is, I probably would never have bought it at all, except a good friend recommended it to me. So, here I am, trying to spread the good karma by recommending it to all of you. Hopefully, you’ll find it smooths out your mornings just as much as I did.

So, like I said, if you’re the kind of guy who really takes his time with shaving or enjoys it somehow — maybe this isn’t for you. But for everyone else, I really can’t recommend it enough. I also have some other Bell + Howell products that I really like, so I think it’s just in the brand. They tend to make high-quality stuff. I know we don’t know each other, but you can take my word on it — this electric trimmer is the real deal.

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