Windshield Wizard: A Clear View on Clean Windows — Our Review

A few weeks ago, I went on a cross-country road trip in my loyal old sedan. Everything went well, and I had a blast, but when I finally returned home, my windshield was absolutely SPLATTERED with bugs. It was pretty disgusting.

I took my car through a car wash and used the built-in windshield wiper cleaning function, but there were still bug guts right in my line of sight every time I drove. It was annoying enough that I started researching windshield cleaning solutions. That’s when I discovered Windshield Wizard.

I highly recommend Windshield Wizard to anyone who has a car. I never thought something that I bought online, spur of the moment, would work so well, but I’ve been astonished by how effective this thing is. Let me explain exactly what it does.

What Is the Windshield Wizard?

The Windshield Wizard is basically a high-quality sponge attached to a long handle that can reach those difficult-to-reach corners on your windshield. The sponge is made from a microfiber bonnet wrapped around a super-absorbent shammy, and trust me when I say that I wish ALL of my sponges worked this well.

I don’t really understand the science behind how this thing works because it’s soft to the touch and gentle on the glass but scrapes away gunk and dirt like steel wool. It seems like it should be defying the laws of physics to work this well, but somehow, it works, and I’m not going to complain about it. My windshield has never looked better.

The handle is super ergonomic, and the sponge head pivots so that it can get in the corners and under the wiper blades, if necessary. I thought it would be kind of a pain to use, but it’s super easy to apply pressure at the handle and get an effective scrub all the way to the end where the sponge is.

But here’s the best part: You don’t even need to use SOAP to get the windshield clean. You can press a button on the handle, and it dispenses water from the sponge. That’s all it needs to scrape off the gunk and grime — yes, it’s really that effective.

How To Use the Windshield Wizard

I keep my Windshield Wizard in the trunk of my car, and my current routine is to wipe off my windshield every time I fill up on gas. All I have to do is take the Windshield Wizard out of my trunk, press the button on the handle to get the sponge nice and wet, and scrub away any dead bugs or grime that built up over the past week.

This thing is so effective that it takes about one minute per windshield, which is super manageable to do while my gas tank is filling up. Of course, I don’t actually get out of my car to scrub down my windshield when it’s pouring or super cold out, but even forgoing those cleaning sessions, it’s still enough maintenance to keep my windshield sparkling clean.

And that’s what I really love about this product — when my windshield is spotless, it makes the general appearance of my car look fabulous as if I just had it detailed. I’ve had my sedan for a while, and it certainly doesn’t look new — it’s got nearly 100,000 miles on it.

But when the windshield is sparkling, everything else about it looks better, too. It looks like I got the whole car detailed or just got it back from the shop, when in reality, I’ve really only changed one thing about its appearance. It’s like a hack for making it look like I have my life way more put together than I actually do.

Does the Windshield Wizard Use Any Chemicals?

Aside from the fact that it’s just so convenient to use and also works really well, I also love this product so much because I don’t have to use any cleaning chemicals. Heavy-duty chemicals might be a requirement for getting through life these days — I’m not going to NOT clean my home, you know? — but I take any chance I get to avoid using potentially toxic cleaning products.

I’m sort of convinced that 30 years from now, we’re going to find out that basically every man-made chemical has some long-term negative health effect. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I can’t help myself from worrying about these things. Plus, heavy chemicals are bad for the environment, especially when you use them on something like a car where all of those chemicals are going to run off into the roads and end up going straight into our environment.

So I really love that I don’t have to use harsh chemicals with the Windshield Wizard. All I have to do is press the button on the handle and spray the water already inside it — 90% of the time that’s enough to get the job done. But every so often, I’ll add just a dash of dish soap or a spritz of Windex to get it extra sparkling clean. But it doesn’t feel like I HAVE to use those extra cleaning products, which is so amazing. I feel like I’ve been contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment ever since I got my Windshield Wizard.

Using Windshield Wizard Around the House

I use it on my car most often, but I recently purchased a second Windshield Wizard to keep in my home and use to clean my windows. I don’t clean my windows all that often, but I do try to Windex them down when I do my monthly deep clean, and using a Windshield Wizard to do this has made it soooo much easier.

The ergonomic handle and flexible/extendable arm of the Wizard feels so much more comfortable on my hand than my previous method, which was scrubbing away with paper towels. It also makes reaching the upper corners of my windows a million times easier.

Previously, I had to nag my husband to do the super tall windows or drag a stool in from the garage to get them. Now, I can knock them out with all the rest of the windows. It’s all about the little joys, you know?

Windshield Wizard for Clean Windows

I almost forgot about the best part — the handle is detachable, so you can take apart the Windshield Wizard and fit it right in the glovebox of your car! If you live somewhere that gets cold and icy in the winter, you probably already know how annoying it is to keep a long ice scraper lying around your car during the winter months to scrape off your windshield in the early morning.

Having a long windshield cleaner taking up room in your trunk or the back of your car even when it’s not cold out would be double annoying. But this thing is so portable and easy to stow that you don’t even have to worry about finding a place for it. I usually keep mine in two pieces in my trunk, but under a seat, a seat-back pocket, or the glove box would all provide plenty of room.

Overall, I would recommend Windshield Wizard to anyone who owns a car. It’s not just convenient and easy — it’s a necessary product to keep your windshield clean and keep your visibility unimpaired while driving. I love mine, and I’m sure you’ll love yours too.

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