Bell+Howell Double Zapper: Pest-Free Living – Our Review

If the end-of-summer bug infestation drives you crazy, you need this product. It changed my backyard experience. Let me explain why.

During the summer, I love to sit on my back porch, sipping a glass of wine and watching it become night. I recently retired, and watching the lightning bugs come out, and the robins sing their evening song has become one of my favorite parts of the day – such a little thing, but this routine brings me so much happiness. The one thing that drives me absolutely bananas is the BUGS. Particularly the mosquitoes, but a bunch of different bugs take turns – I’ve had stinkbugs and lanternflies invade my space recently, too.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of solutions to try and eradicate them – citronella torches, bug spray, of course, essential oils. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of sitting out on my porch and relaxing if I have to douse myself in Deet just to make it through without becoming an itch monster, and I really almost gave up on this little routine of mine altogether – until I found out about Bell + Howell’s Double Zapper.

One of my neighbors recommended it to me, actually. She was in the same boat as me – wanted to read on her porch in the evenings, but found herself deluged by mosquitoes. The Double Zapper completely solved her problem. Well, once she told me all this, I knew I needed to try it out too… and thank goodness I did. This thing has been a lifesaver for my peaceful evenings. I’m so grateful to Darlene, which is why I came back here to let all of you know about this, too. I figured I’d pass along the good karma.

What Is the Double Zapper?

The Double Zapper is a UV light insect zapper. You’ve probably seen similar products at some point or another. The UV light is 18 watts – high intensity – and the light lures insects in. Basically, any bug that flies or crawls and comes out at night will be attracted to this light. I don’t know exactly why that is, but it’s science. Anyway, they’re lured to the bright light, and then the electric grid zaps them. Instant, painless death.

There are many reasons why I love this product enough to write a long review about it. First of all, I think this is probably the most humane way possible to kill an insect. I’m not a vegan or anything, but I do care about other creatures, and it’s nice to know that they (hopefully) don’t suffer too much when they get zapped. It’s also kind of satisfying in a weird way, and I don’t mind the zapping noise every so often – every zap is one less insect to come and bite me.

I also really appreciate how many safety features have been implemented into the design of this product. Bell + Howell is a super reputable manufacturer, so I already felt like I was in good hands knowing it came from them. But this product is also registered with the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) and is fireproof, which is great.

The possibility of a bug getting zapped and then somehow remaining within the electrical field and catching on fire was a big concern of mine, but the fireproof rating has reassured me that I don’t need to be concerned about that.

Can the Double Zapper Replace Bug Spray?

The Double Zapper eliminates the need to use any pesticides or super heavy-duty sprays like Deet, which, in my opinion, are more likely than not carcinogens. The Double Zapper feels almost clean to me – no spraying chemicals, and no harming the environment or possibly giving myself skin cancer.

One quick little zap of electricity, and the job is done. Also, I don’t have any young children or pets at home, but the fencing around the actual electric grid looks really well done, and I imagine it would be a pretty good deterrent to prevent anyone from accidentally getting zapped.

Is the Double Zapper Weatherproof?

I was a little worried about being able to keep this outside in the rain – we get a lot of summer thunderstorms where I live – but it’s waterproof, so I didn’t need to worry at all. It’s already survived several heavy showers with no problems so far. It also works over a shockingly large range – I haven’t measured it, but I feel like it eliminates all bugs within a 500-foot radius.

Any bugs that close would fly over to investigate the light source and then get zapped. So I can not only sit on the porch, but I can also wander down into my backyard a bit without worrying about getting gnawed on.

I’m actually hugely shocked at how well this works, considering its price point. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw all the claims about this lamp and that it was only $39.99, I thought that there must be some sort of drawback. Like it would only work when plugged in or within a 10-square-foot radius. I’m SO happy that I was wrong.

What Are Some Downsides to the Double Zapper?

One thing I didn’t love about the Double Zapper is that I didn’t think the ring was super sturdy. (You can set up the Double Zapper two ways – either standing up or hanging from something via the large black ring attached to the top.) I tried to hang it up on some nubby branches on one of my trees, and the ring slipped off right away. I ended up setting it on top of a little side table on my porch, and it works perfectly. But if you’re hoping to hang it from a less-than-sturdy perch, you may have to go back to the drawing board.

Otherwise, I don’t have any qualms about purchasing this thing. I’ve found it very easy to clean, thanks to the removable tray and brush that it comes with. Once a week or so, I’ll take out the removable tray and sweep all the dead bugs into the trash – super easy cleanup. Much better than a garbage bin filled with crumbled paper towels and gory dead insects.

Don’t get the Double Zapper if you don’t live in an area that gets buggy during the summer or if you already have a bug solution that works for you. Otherwise, I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s made my porch a safe space for me to hang out in during the summer again and makes me feel like I’m killing the insects around my home in the most ethical way possible.

The Bottom Line

I don’t camp, but if I did, I would definitely bring this with me. It would be perfect for keeping mosquitoes out of the tent or keeping them from bugging you (pun intended) around the campfire. I also think it would be great if you had a buggy kitchen or bedroom and needed something to quickly fix the problem.

So, if you haven’t been convinced to buy a Double Zapper, that’s fine. But if you’re on the fence about it even a little bit, I really encourage you to give it a try. I’m pretty sure they have a great money-back policy, so if you try it out and decide it isn’t for you, you can return it and get your money back. I am so glad I have a Double Zapper on my porch, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

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