Paint Zoom: Unleashing the Artist in You – Our Review

Summer is the time of year when I tackle most of my DIY projects. The days are longer, the weather is nice enough to work outside, and it just feels nice to get a refresh or get a project done before fall arrives. And I’m pretty good at DIY – in fact, I consider myself a bit of a DIY queen – but one thing I’ve ALWAYS hated doing is painting walls. Taping up all the corners, rolling plastic over the whole floor to avoid inopportune drips and splatters – it just feels like SO much work! I don’t know what it is about painting, but it’s my Achilles heel.

I must’ve complained about it one too many times because recently, one of my girlfriends suggested I check out the Paint Zoom. She’d just seen it on sale at Home Depot. So, I got in the car and zipped over there myself. I’m SO glad that I did. I’m not the type to go crazy on product reviews, but I just can’t help myself with this one. I love this product! Let me explain why.

What Is the Paint Zoom?

The Paint Zoom is an airbrush paint sprayer, sort of like spray paint, except you can attach a can of high-quality paint to it rather than the crappy stuff that comes in spray paint. It’s sort of the perfect intersection of something you can do at home/do by yourself, yet also allows you to paint your home like a professional. I used it to redo the walls in my kitchen and living room and repaint all of my patio furniture. Everything turned out amazingly if I do say so myself!

How Does the Paint Zoom Work?

There are a bunch of different components contained in this one product. First, you have the motor, which, according to the packaging, is a “950W motor.” I’m sure how that compares to other motor capabilities, but what I do know is that it works for this purpose — and works well. I’ve never had any problems with the paint spraying too quickly, too slowly, or inconsistently. There’s a handle on the chassis of the motor that’s super ergonomic, so it’s easy to hold the motor in one hand and maneuver the spray gun in the other.

Also, the Paint Zoom comes with a strap so that you can easily wear it around your torso and not really have to worry about carrying the motor at all. I think if I could change something about this product, I would add padding to the strap. I noticed that after an hour or so of painting, it started to dig into my shoulder a bit. But otherwise, it was the perfect length and made the entire task of painting easier.

Next is the hose. I think the hose is five feet long, and it connects the motor to the container and paint nozzle. The container is where you actually put the paint – you can use any brand or type of paint you want, which I found really great. I don’t think I would’ve liked the Paint Zoom half as much if I hadn’t had the freedom of being able to choose what paint brand to use. Then the nozzle connects the hose and the paint container.

Okay, let’s talk about the nozzle. The design on this is probably one of the most thoughtful parts of the whole product. There are three different spray styles: Horizontal, vertical, and pin-point spraying. Both the horizontal and vertical settings come out in a pretty thin line, which I found made it a lot easier to get corners and narrower surfaces. For instance, when I needed to spray the bottom strip of wood under the doors of my patio cabinet, I used the horizontal setting. The diameter of paint spray was absolutely perfect for getting that thin strip of wood without going all over the rest of the cabinet.

When I need to spot-check my walls or whatever else I’m painting, I use the pinpoint setting. The paint sprays out in a super thin stream, which makes it perfect for touch-ups or for small spots that I missed the first time.

What Projects Does the Paint Zoom Work Well For?

So far, I’ve only used my Paint Zoom for paint, but I think you can also use it for stain and other finishing products. (Next on my DIY list: tearing up our carpets and redoing the hardwood floors underneath. I’m sure this will come in handy for that project.) Actually, when I check the bottle, it says it’s compatible with the following types of products: Both exterior and interior paint, lacquer, sealers, primers, and stains.

So basically, any paint-adjacent liquid can be used with the Paint Zoom. Looks like I need to expand what I use it for!

As I mentioned earlier, so far, I’ve used mine to repaint the walls in my kitchen, living room, and patio and porch furniture. I thought this was an especially useful product for the kitchen, where there are a lot of things I really didn’t want to get paint on – cabinets, the stovetop, the sink backsplash, etc. The pinpoint setting and the narrow diameter of the spray, regardless of what setting it’s in, really made it easier to paint this room without getting paint all over the place.

As far as using it in my living room, I really appreciated the consistency of the spray. I didn’t have to deal with any stuttering or any moments where the paint came out way stronger or weaker than normal. If you’ve used a crappy paint sprayer before, you know that sometimes this can really ruin all of your work, especially with paint shades that show brushstrokes or paint thickness inconsistencies really easily. When the paint sprays out at the exact same rate the whole time you’re using it, it makes it a whole lot easier to paint a large area and to make it look like it was done by a professional rather than a DIY situation.

Does the Paint Zoom Have Easy Clean-Up?

One thing I should definitely mention before closing – while I found the Paint Zoom to be super easy to use (and definitely made my DIY projects easier!), it isn’t necessarily a “low-maintenance” product. It definitely requires cleaning every once in a while, especially when switching between paint shades or product types. You don’t need to do any maintenance on the motor, but keeping it generally clean is important to make sure it keeps functioning well, and the paint doesn’t get contaminated.

Other than that and the strap thing, I don’t think I have any notes or complaints about the Paint Zoom.

The Bottom Line

All I know is that the Paint Zoom made my life SO much easier, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in doing home renovations or really any DIY project. I also think it’s super affordable for what it provides you. In the past, I’ve had to rent paint sprayers because they tend to run very expensive, and this was the first one I found that felt like it was a reasonable price and still worked effectively. (If you’re nervous about that, I think there’s a 90-day money-back policy.)

So yeah, definitely recommend this product – I’m so glad I bought it, and I would give it five stars. It’s turned me into a painting pro.

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