Mighty Bite: A Biting Review for Fishing Enthusiasts

Amateur and expert fishermen alike, listen up. I’ve found a product you NEED to add to your tackle box, pronto. Mighty Bite has completely changed the game for my fishing experience, and I’ve made it my mission to spread the word to others. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made toward my success as a fisherman.

If you’ve ever fished before, you probably know the basics — you tie a lure onto a fishing line, cast it out, and slowly reel in, trying to realistically mimic the swimming pattern of a small fish so that a larger one will think they’ve spotted breakfast and take a bite.

There are a ton of fishing strategies — some people keep it simple and use nightcrawlers (live worms) to attract small fish like bluegills and bass. Others use minnows, imitation fish, or even imitation frogs to hook larger predatory fish. Much of the strategy lies in your knowledge of the waters you’re fishing — it’s important to know what time of day to get on the water, where the fish like to hang out, and what type of bait is most likely to be successful for the type of fish that you’re hoping to hook.

The other half of the strategy is your fishing style — how you reel in the bait to attract fish and convince them that what they’re looking at is food. That’s where Mighty Bite comes in. This insane product uses all five senses to attract fish and convince them to take a bite. I’ve never seen bait products that work this way before, and after using these on several lakes, I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

How Does Mighty Bite Attract Fish?

The whole shtick here is that Mighty Bite bait mimics an injured baitfish so that larger predatory fish think they’ve found an easy lunch. The baits are little fish designed with bite marks on their side — the shimmery, holographic skin of the lure initially catches the predator fish’s attention, and then the missing chunk alerts them to an injured animal that won’t put up too much of a fight. I actually had never seen lures designed this way until Mighty Bite. It’s so clever.

These lures don’t just lure the fish in visually, although that’s the first and main attraction. They’re also designed to create a spasmodic action when pulled through the water, exactly the way an injured fish might wriggle around while trying to get to safety. This movement also means that even after the predatory fish is hooked, they will still be drawn to the lure, which will keep wriggling around and “trying to escape.” From my experience using these lures, this makes it more likely to catch a fish in the first place and keep one on the line.

What’s Included in the Mighty Bite Tackle Kit?

The Mighty Bite kit includes two other items that engage all five of the fish’s senses and work to lure them in. First are the scent sticks, which have an almost indescribable odor that apparently attracts fish.

I don’t know the exact science behind this, but what can I tell you? It works. I throw one or two scent sticks in the water, and it gets the predator fish hitting my line like NO other. It’s unreal how quickly this stuff gets them going in the water.

Second, the kit also comes with rattles that you attach to the line to make noise in the water. This gets the attention of the fish super fast as well. So now you have multiple aspects of the lure attracting the fish: The fact that the fish looks and swims as if it’s injured, the holographic paint designed to catch the light and sparkle under the water, the scent of the scent sticks, and that appealing rattle. It’s no wonder fish leap at this bait.

Aside from the items I’ve already listed, the Mighty Bite kit also comes with a few other items. It includes weed guards, which, now that I’ve tried them out, I will never fish without. I hate getting my line snagged on kelp or weeds, and I’ve found that these work super well to reduce my chances of wasting precious fishing time untangling my line.

It also comes with poppers, tail weights, and a no-miss deadly treble. I’ve found that I prefer to use my own weights on the line, but I still thought it was a nice touch to include these.

Does Mighty Bite Work Every Time?

So far, I’ve successfully used my Mighty Bite kit to pull in fish in both freshwater and saltwater. I usually stick to lakes, but I’ve recently started improving my knowledge of saltwater fish by exploring some brackish areas and deep-sea charters. Using Mighty Bite in the brackish water has been very successful so far.

Let me illustrate why I’m so obsessed with Mighty Bite. Before I started using this tackle kit, I had mediocre fishing luck. Sometimes, I’d hit it out of the park, but more likely than not, I would go on multiple trips out on the lake without getting lucky. That is, until I started using this kit.

I’d get razzed by the guys for using it at first — “What are you doing with this newfangled stuff?” they’d say — until they saw my success rate. Now my whole crew is hooked on Mighty Bite. We’ve caught muskies, pike, big bass, gar, and a whole bunch more with this equipment.

Of course, fishing is still all about luck — it’s not like you get a bite every cast. But, to be honest, I don’t think I would love the sport as much if you did. (And yes, in my book, fishing IS a sport.) The whole thrill of the game is relying on your patience, skills, and luck. Catch a fish every cast, and it starts to get old. When you catch a fish on gambling odds — anywhere between every 10 to 100 casts — it gets a whole lot more exciting and a whole lot more rewarding. It really proves who is out there for the love of fishing and who’s just trying to get a quick thrill.

Mighty Bite for the Most Bites

So, do I think Mighty Bite is worth the money? Absolutely. I think it’s reasonably priced, considering the kit comes with 100 individual pieces, all geared toward getting the fish you’ll talk about for years on the line. If you’re a committed fisherman (or fisherwoman), you’ve probably already spent a ton of money on your gear, charters, guides, etc. The price for Mighty Bite is a drop in the pond — shockingly so — compared to what you might spend on a really high-quality pole.

The second reason I think it’s worth the money is because it WORKS. The market is flooded with crappy equipment that promises a whole bunch but can’t actually follow through. Believe me, I’ve tried my fair share of them. But Mighty Bite? Yeah, this is the real deal. I wish everything I bought on the internet were this effective at what it says it does. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be writing this lengthy review. But it does, and I am, and I would highly recommend this product to any fisherperson, amateur or otherwise.

If your experience with Mighty Bite is anything like mine, you’re going to try it once and never put it down again.

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