BattleVision Storm: A Durability Test — Our Honest Review

Driving through a really bad storm was one of the scariest moments in my life.

Have you ever been on the road while it’s raining so hard that you can’t see ten feet in front of your car? It’s terrifying, especially on the interstate.

I never wanted to go through that experience again — and now I don’t have to. As soon as I found out about these BattleVision Storm anti glare glasses, I was sold.

What Are Anti Glare Glasses? 

Basically, anti glare glasses use a special kind of lens that allows you to see through heavy rain, fog, and sun beams. They block out the UV and blue light that causes bad vision during inclement weather and glare so that you can see lane lines, oncoming cars, and road signage better.

You know those fancy new cars with the LED headlights that practically blind you when they’re driving at you? With BattleVision Storm, I no longer have to worry about developing a temporary blind spot. The wildfire smog that was so prevalent this summer? These glasses help cut through that as well.

Nearly anything that may hinder your vision and prevent you from driving safely are no match for BattleVision Storm glasses. They’re nearly miraculous, in my opinion.

My BattleVision Storm Journey

I’ve had mine for about six months now. One of my buddies is a long-distance trucker, and he said the union bought a pair for everyone. He was raving about them, saying they made driving at night feel so much safer. So, I decided to give them a try, too.

I just dropped my first son off at college this fall. Between moving him in and driving up for visits every once in a while, I knew I had a lot of driving in the months ahead.

So, I bought a pair, and I instantly realized why my trucker buddy is so obsessed with them. At first, I felt a little ridiculous. The lenses are tinted orange, which is what blocks the blue light. I thought they looked a little silly, or even a little groovy — like I was on my way to a disco-themed party or something.

Once I saw how well these glasses worked, I quickly forgot about how they might look. The special lenses are crazy. They flatten everything out, so even bright objects like street lamps and headlights are dimmed. Everything kind of becomes a bit more grayscale, and it gets so much easier to see in dim lighting or in situations with heavy glare.

BattleVision Storm in Action

I’ll give you an example. Actually, this happened the day we drove Marcus down to FSU. The first hour of the drive was fine, then it was raining cats and dogs for the next two hours. I’m talking about the biggest raindrops you’ve ever seen in your life absolutely pelting the car.

It was a classic Florida rainstorm, except it lasted a bit longer than normal. With this kind of weather on the highway, I’d typically pull over and wait it out. Thankfully, with my BattleVision glasses on, it was a walk in the park.

Everything looked brighter and more clear, like the haze was just wiped away from my vision. Obviously I still played it safe by driving slowly, but I was able to keep driving — and my son made it to his scheduled move-in time without any delays. Every since then, I’ve been hooked.

How Do They Work in the Sun?

I also like how these glasses block UV rays. My wife has been ragging on my about wearing sunscreen forever, and I finally started listening to her after I had to get a suspicious mole removed last year.

Turns out, it was precancerous — and skin cancer runs in my dad’s side of the family. I finally started taking sun protection seriously, including wearing sunglasses as much as possible. Since these block UV, it feels like a 2-in-1: I can keep them in my truck and use them for literally any scenario involving protecting my eyes or improving my vision while driving.

What Happens If You Lose Your Glasses?

Oh, and before I forget, they also send you an extra pair of glasses with your purchase, so it really is a 2-for-1 deal. Now, I can just keep a pair in my truck and never worry about leaving them somewhere else or not having them on me at all times. For how much I use these suckers and how much I paid for them, I feel like I’m getting the steal of the century.

Are BattleVision Glasses Comfortable?

Another thing I really like about my BattleVision glasses is how comfortable they are. The hinges on them seem like they’re super high quality — and they’ve lasted me nearly six months of daily use. They’re also flexible to accommodate all different head sizes.

Just keep in mind that they do tend to stay molded to the head size of the person who wears them most often, so I’d be careful loaning them out to someone with a much bigger head than yours.

BattleVision Storm Is My Emergency Hero

Still not convinced these glasses are as good as I say? Let me tell you another story about how they’ve come in handy just in the past six months.

A few weeks ago, I was driving through downtown Miami when another one of those classic Florida storms hit. It came out of nowhere: One minute, it was sunny; the next, BOOM, downpour.

Now, most Floridians know how to drive in torrential weather — we’re used to it — but either the person in front of me was new at driving, out of town, or just an idiot. They were driving like a taxi driver, starting and stopping so suddenly that it was nearly impossible to predict their next move. Now, add the heavy rain on top of that, and I was nervous about rear-ending them, to say the least.

Luckily, I had my trusty anti glare glasses in the truck. I threw those on and instantly felt more relaxed. In the pouring rain, the headlights of the cars around me had created so much glare that it was hard to know exactly where the cars were. With these on, all of that glare was cut. I could see through the rain so much better.

I even noticed the driver next to me craning his neck, trying to figure out what kind of glasses I had. I could tell that he was getting frustrated and worried about the driver in front of me, too, and had been keeping an eye on him in case something bad happened. Once I threw on my glasses and became visibly more relaxed, he started eyeing me, like he was trying to figure out my brand of glasses.

That’s when I knew I’d made the right choice with this purchase.

Wrapping Up My Battlevision Storm Review

I think BattleVision anti glare glasses are an amazing deal. You basically get two pairs of glasses for $20, plus they’ve got a great return policy in case they don’t work out (but, of course, they will). I don’t know the last time I spent so little money on a product that I ended up loving so much. The value per dollar spent is just incredible, especially given just how much I’ve been using these.

I would absolutely recommend that anyone who drives a car get a pair of these glasses. I feel so much less stressed on the road, and it wasn’t a huge financial investment either. The quality is awesome, and I could not be more grateful to my buddy for introducing me to them.

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