Hydro Mousse: Greening Your Lawn — Our Review

Let me start off by saying that I think I’ve tried every solution under the sun to get my lawn to grow. I’ve tried every grass fertilizer and grow product on the market, I’ve hired lawn care specialists, and I’ve spent hours back there myself, watering and weeding and scattering different types of expensive grass seeds. Nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll get decent results — the grass will be nice and thick for a few weeks. But inevitably, bald spots crop up, or the grass starts to go brown, and I’m back at square one.

All of this was true until I tried Hydro Mousse. For once, my grass is growing consistently and evenly across my lawn, and it’s been months now (knock on wood) with no bald and dying patches. It’s been SUCH a relief to finally find a product that works. I would highly recommend Hydro Mousse to anyone facing similar problems with their lawn.

What Is Hydro Mousse?

It sounds kind of high-tech, but the concept is actually pretty simple. It’s basically a liquid seed formula that attaches to your garden hose and sprays seeds across the lawn. Because the mousse is green, it’s easy to tell where you’ve already sprayed and where you need to go over the lawn again.

One of the things that drove me most crazy about my previous lawn problems was the tediousness of going over the grass with seeds or fertilizer, especially when I couldn’t really see where I’d already sprayed or laid down seeds. I probably spent twice as much time as I actually needed on these problems because I was so meticulous to avoid missing any patches. It was such a relief to spray Hydro Mousse and instantly see what parts of the lawn I’ve already covered. To me, that feature alone made me like this product more than any of the long list of other solutions I already tried.

I used Hydro Mousse over my whole lawn, but I think it would still be ideal if you were dealing with just a few consistent bald patches. All you’d have to do is attach the Hydro Mousse canister to your garden hose and spray over the designated areas. Thanks to the bright color, you can easily see exactly where you’ve already gone over with seed.

At first, that bright green shade threw me off a bit. It looked pretty unnatural, and I was a little alarmed about what sort of chemicals I might be spraying onto my yard. But I looked it up, and I guess the seed mix has been patented and is safe for humans and animals. I would recommend rinsing your hands off with water and dish soap though, if you get any mousse on your skin.

How Does Hydro Mousse Work?

I’m not a grass or seeding expert, but I do think it’s this “proprietary patented seed blend” that makes Hydro Mousse so effective. The solution allows the seeds to attach to the soil more easily, which also reduces the surface tension on the seeds and lets them absorb more water. More water absorption = healthier and faster-growing grass.

At least, that’s what I experienced. It took only a week before I saw the little blades of grass peeking up through all the bare spots on my lawn, and after three weeks, it was almost completely even. This was the end of May, and it’s been over three months now without any problems. So, whatever is up with this seed mix, it definitely works.

Let me tell you a story to explain just how much Hydro Mousse has improved my lawn. I have a nice patio overlooking my lawn, and I like to have people over for dinner or drinks every so often, especially in the summer. Why not take advantage of a nice space? The rotating bare patches have been a running joke among my friends and me for a long time now. They christened the bald spots with names: Barren Buffet, the Eagle (like bald eagles), and Marge (a spot that weirdly resembled Marge Simpson).

Recently, I hosted a Labor Day dinner party, and as they stood on my patio scanning the lawn for more spots to nickname, they were shocked to realize there was nothing! No bald patches or dry spots or any deviation from the lush green grass. To say it was one of my proudest moments would definitely be an overstatement, but it was very satisfying to see how flabbergasted they all were. “Well,” my buddy Mike finally said. “The eagle has left the nest.” We were all howling.

How Do You Use Hydro Mousse?

I’m so glad I ended up buying this stuff, and I highly recommend it. I think the special seed mix is what really did the trick for my lawn, but even if you aren’t super attached to their formula, it’s worth the purchase just to hang onto the canister. You can fill it with any liquid-based seed mix and attach it to your hose to spray seed mix wherever you need, even if it isn’t Hydro Mousse mix. In that way, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I will be ordering refills of their proprietary mix religiously. Now that I’ve found a solution that works for my lawn, I do NOT want to give it up.

Here are some FAQs that I wanted to know before I became familiar with this product. The grass seed mix works in all climates — I haven’t had a chance to test it out in any extreme weather, but I live in a place that gets all four seasons, so we’ll see if it holds up to these claims a year from now. For now, it’s done super well during a summer that’s been both weirdly cold and rainy and “you could fry an egg on the sidewalk” hot.

The nozzle on the bottle allows you to adjust how much seed you dispense — either Light or Heavy. I started with Heavy and the few times that I had to go over some patches in the weeks after initially spraying, I used Light. I also had to disconnect the nozzle and fiddle with the dial a bit before I could get it fully working for the first time, but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out, and it’s been working great since then.

I did accidentally get some of the mousse on the concrete of my patio, and at first, I was totally freaked out. It dyed the concrete bright green! But if this happens to you, don’t sweat. It rained once and the dye was totally swept away.

Hydro Mousse also offers a deluxe product containing Soil Plex, a soil conditioner. I haven’t used this product, so I don’t know how well it works, but if I had to guess based on how well the normal stuff works, I would say it’s probably amazing. It’s supposed to reduce disease and heat stress in the grass, so if you live somewhere with a more extreme climate, it might be good for you. Post a review, and let us know what you think!

Overall, this was a great product for my lawn, and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

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