Hempvana ENDtag: Simplifying Personal Care – Our Review

Skin tags have always been a source of self-consciousness for me, and it’s a trait that seems to run in my family. I have a few of them scattered around my body: one on the back of my neck and another one near my armpit. My uncle and mom have them, too, suggesting it might be genetic.

With age, I’ve learned to tolerate them a bit more, but when I was younger and dating, they made me incredibly uneasy. I constantly worried that people would mistake them for warts or even signs of skin cancer. This insecurity led me to avoid wearing tank tops or low-cut shirts. Looking back, of course, I don’t know why I worried so much about surface-level things. But you know, when you’re young, the tiniest physical “imperfections” can feel like such a big deal — and I was always fixated on my skin tags.

Anyway, I always assumed these skin tags were a permanent part of me until a few weeks ago when I was discussing them with a friend. We were bonding over our shared silly insecurities. She’s Italian and was telling me how she used to be so self-conscious about her dark body hair. I mentioned my skin tag situation, and she shared with me that she actually used to have skin tags, too, until she discovered Hempvana ENDtag. It completely removed all of her tags!

Why Didn’t I Just Go to a Dermatologist?

Up until this point, I believed the only way to remove these skin tags was through a visit to a dermatologist, involving professional freezing or burning procedures. However, I never pursued these options for a couple of reasons.

First, the idea of having my skin burned off, even if it’s just an extra bit of skin, terrified me. It might be a small growth, but it’s still a part of me, and the thought of removing it with intense cold or electricity always felt too daunting.

Second, the costs involved were prohibitive, especially considering that these procedures are typically considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. It was just out of my financial reach.

While going to a licensed dermatologist is always an option, and I’m sure it works for a ton of people, it’s just not the right choice for everyone — and it certainly didn’t feel accessible to me.

Thankfully, Hempvana ENDTag changed everything. I used it consistently for three months, and to my disbelief, all my skin tags vanished. This was something I had never imagined possible since my younger days, and I had to spread the word and write this review in the hopes that many others could experience the same transformation I did. Even though I’m no longer self-conscious of my tags, I feel so confident having unblemished skin, and I just have to share the wealth.

What Is Hempvana ENDTag?

Hempvana ENDTag comes in convenient little dropper bottles, similar to essential oils. The application is straightforward: You apply it to your skin tags three times a day using the little brush that comes attached to the bottle. The instructions on the bottle recommend using it consistently for three to eight weeks for results. In my case, it took about three months, which still felt insanely short in comparison to how many decades I’ve lived with my skin tags.

What truly appealed to me about Hempvana ENDtag was its fully homeopathic nature. There are no harsh chemicals or intense medical procedures involved, alleviating my worries about potential long-term consequences like cancer or severe side effects. It just felt so much better to use a product that comes straight from Mother Nature herself rather than from an unknown laboratory or combination of chemicals that I don’t understand.

In general, I prefer homeopathic remedies whenever possible. I already use essential oils for headaches and insomnia and opt for natural deodorants and mosquito repellents. These natural products have consistently worked well for me, and I believe I’m respecting and safeguarding my body and the environment by choosing these alternatives. So, I was excited to find out that there was a tag removal option out there that was aligned with my values and didn’t feel like it was putting my health at risk.

How Does Hempvana ENDtag work?

Okay, now let’s get into how Hempvana ENDtag actually works.

Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist, so this is based on my personal experience with Hempvana ENDtag and what I know from reading the instructions and website only.

The active ingredients in Hempvana ENDTag are hemp seed oil, turmeric, and aloe. Together they work to dry out the skin tag, causing it to eventually fall off. It’s a pretty simple concept, actually.

What I really love about this particular formulation is that it keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated even through the drying action. The aloe feels really gentle against my skin, and the formulation smells great, which in my experience, is sometimes an issue with products like this. In general, it’s super easy to use and feels almost like just another part of my skincare routine.

In fact, that’s one of the things I’ve loved the most about my Hempvana ENDtag. It’s relaxing, and while I was using it, it felt like a little self-care ritual. I’d wake up, wash my face, do my skincare routine, moisturize, and then apply the solution to my skin tags. It was soothing, enjoyable, and super easy to do. I almost feel like it worked TOO well — I miss that little ritual now that my skin tags are gone!

Is It Really Affordable?

The last selling point that I just have to mention is the price point. Other tag removal options, such as having them lasered or frozen off, can run into hundreds of dollars. I don’t know about you, but I do not have that kind of money sitting in my back pocket.

I think those are great options for women with a larger budget, but for the rest of us, Hempvana ENDTag is an affordable way to address this concern without draining our bank accounts. It’s $29.99 for one bottle, which I found to be more than enough to remove all of my tags. I imagine it would be enough to remove several, and I think it would be rare to need more than one bottle.

Even once you factor in shipping and handling, it’s still less than $50 to remove all of your skin tags safely, effectively, and non-invasively. That’s an INSANE deal. I’m actually shocked that more people aren’t talking about this. But maybe they feel how I used to feel back when I was younger: embarrassed, ashamed of their skin tags, and unwilling to talk about them.

The truth is that you should never be ashamed of what your body looks like or ashamed of something going on with your skin. I wish I’d realized that decades ago when I was younger and so concerned with hiding my tags. But we all also deserve to feel confident and happy with how we look, and I would just feel so guilty if I didn’t let others know about this incredible product I have discovered.

The Final Word on My Hempvana ENDtag Review

So yeah – definitely consider giving Hempvana ENDtag a try. I found it to be one of the best purchases I ever made in terms of getting bang for your buck. I feel so much more confident in my own skin, and I know that others can benefit the same way.

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