Hang Hero: Organizing Made Easy — Our Review

Gallery walls are my favorite home decor staple. When it’s done well, a gallery wall is the ultimate way to show off your art collection, mixing photos from your life, prints of musicians and places you love, and work from artists you admire.

Unfortunately, planning and hanging a gallery wall is notoriously difficult. Not only do you have to carefully plan out the right blend of colors, frames, and art styles, but you also have to measure each piece of art, find its place on the wall, and successfully hang it. No one wants a wall filled with crooked frames!

The labor of hanging pictures to form my carefully curated gallery walls was always a necessary evil to me — that is until I discovered Hang Hero. I don’t normally watch TV, but I happened to be flipping between HGTV and the Food Network when I stumbled upon a commercial for Hang Hero.

It was like fate: Hang Hero was exactly the product I’d been needing for so long. I didn’t think twice before ordering one for myself. So far, it’s lived up to all of my hopes and dreams.

What Is Hang Hero?

Hang Hero is an all-in-one tool for hanging pictures, clocks, calendars, and basically anything you can think of that requires a nail in the wall.

First, you load each nail into the magnetic cylinder. These are the two cylinders that slide across the Hang Hero’s handle, depending on the required width of your frame or hanging object. They use magnets to hold the nails in place so that they’re inserted into the wall at exactly the right location and angle every time.

Once the nails are loaded, you can lay the Hang Hero across the back of the picture frame and slide the cylinders so that they line up with the slots or hooks where your nails need to go. Once you have the width set, simply pick up the Hang Hero and hold it against the wall where you want your object to hang. There’s a built-in level in the middle of the handle, so you can adjust and watch the bubble in real-time to make sure your nails will go in perfectly straight.

Finally, you press down the two cylinders, which push the nails into the wall at the desired location.

My explanation might sound a bit confusing or convoluted at first, so I definitely recommend watching one of the demonstration videos they have on their website to make everything crystal clear. Hang Hero only requires four short steps: Load in the nails, measure the distance between them, hold the Hang Hero against the wall until it’s level, then bolt the nails into the wall.

I got the hang of it in just one try, and it’s been a breeze to get the nails in at the right distance every time since. I no longer have to deal with the sweaty and inefficient task of balancing a level on top of a picture frame while trying to hold it up and see if it looks good where I plan to hang it despite not really being able to see it because I’m holding it.

(See, even that sentence felt sweaty and confusing. I’m telling you, this product is a godsend.)

Versatility, Strength, and Beyond

I didn’t realize this at first, but you can slide one of the cylinders off and use the Hang Hero for single-nail hangings, too. I used it to hang up a new clock in my kitchen. I like how versatile this tool is — I can mount or hang anything with it.

The only exception is the few canvases I have that need to be hung with Command Strips rather than by nails. Otherwise, everything on the walls of my house could benefit from this gizmo.

I’ve also been very impressed by how strong my Hang Hero is. According to the packaging, it can hold up to ten pounds. I haven’t tested this out, but I do know that the floating shelves I mounted with my Hang Hero are holding stacks of books with ease, even after six weeks.

The Hang Hero appears to drill nails into the wall deep enough to support a heavier load, which I definitely can’t say is true for my other mounting methods (looking at you, Command Strips).

Using my Hang Hero is fun and intensely satisfying. It’s like a reward to push down on the cylinders and feel that little pop as they push the nail into place. That satisfaction and the ease of use motivated me to start an entirely new gallery wall in my main hallway, which has been a fun project over the past couple of weeks.

For this gallery wall, I focused solely on watercolor and acrylic pieces from artists I’ve admired for a while. This experience of planning and hanging a gallery wall was so much easier than in the past, thanks to my Hang Hero.

It still took a decent amount of time to choose my pieces of art and determine where they should go for maximum aesthetic appeal, of course. There’s just no way to rush that process. Still, as far as the actual logistics of measuring out where the nails should go, marking them on the wall, trying to determine if they’re level, the process was one million times easier.

(And one million times more fun!)

For Art Lovers — and Savers! — Everywhere

If you love a gallery wall as much as I do — or if you simply enjoy decorating your house — I cannot recommend getting a Hang Hero enough. They’re easy to use, super efficient, and best of all, AFFORDABLE!

I learned the hard way that supporting my DIY hobby gets expensive quickly. Power tools and supplies for home decor and renovation projects aren’t cheap; even when I’m trying to save money by taking on a project myself, I can quickly rack up a bill. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how cheap the Hang Hero is. At $20, I think it’s the perfect price point for a product that’s brought me so much convenience and happiness with every use.

I don’t know if this is still going on, but when I bought my Hang Hero, they were running a BOGO promotion where you could get two Hang Heroes for less than $30. I would definitely recommend jumping on this opportunity if possible. I bought one for myself and gave the second to one of my neighbors, who’s a total DIY craft queen.

She absolutely loves it, and it was so worth getting the extra product for so cheap.

The Final Word on My Hang Hero Review

In general, I’ve found that not only does my Hang Hero live up to all my expectations, but it actually exceeds them. It’s been so easy to use, was affordable to buy, and has taken a ton of the fuss out of the organizing and decorating process of home decor.

If you’re like me and enjoy hanging artwork or even just need to nail something into the wall every once in a while, I highly recommend checking out Hang Hero. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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