GraniteStone Stackmaster: Space-Saving Brilliance – Our Review

There is nothing — and I mean NOTHING — that gets under my skin more than clutter.

I’ve lived with other people for as long as I can remember: roommates in college and my 20s, then my boyfriend (now husband) and our kids. Living with other people means you really have to be on top of your organizational game. Everything needs to have a place, and everyone needs to have designated cleaning tasks. Otherwise, all it takes is one chaotic day for my entire space to be overflowing with stuff.

That said, I consider myself a bit of a cleaning and organizational expert. Over the past decades, as a neat freak living with other people, I’ve tried every product and used just about every strategy to keep my space nice and neat. Few products have brought me as much joy and satisfaction as my Granitestone Stackmaster Pro set.

My Granitestone Stackmaster Review

This set of high-quality pots and pans is fully stackable from the pans to their lids. They slide right into each other and take up about a third of the amount of room that the pots would all together.

I can store all of them in a single cabinet, something I never would’ve thought was possible before buying this set. The storage and container geek inside me absolutely freaked out the first time I used them.

The 15-piece set includes an 8” frying pan and a 10” frying pan with their matching lids, a 2.75 QT saucepan and 3.5 QT saucepan with their matching lids, a sautee pan and stockpot with lids, a deep fry basket, steamer insert, and crisper basket and tray. It’s an entire starting kit for home-cooking a huge variety of meals.

In any other brand, this amount of equipment would take up an entire section of my kitchen cabinets or several drawers. With Granitestone, they all stack neatly together in a column. There’s something so incredibly satisfying about it, and the pots and pans section of my kitchen has never looked better.

The Quality

Yes, they’re stackable and perfect for organizing your cabinets and kitchen — but they’re also INSANELY high quality. I never thought those two traits could go hand-in-hand.

Granitestone isn’t the only brand that sells stackable kitchenware, but the difference is that, usually, stackability is the whole gimmick. You can stack other brand’s pans, but they’re going to last you maybe a year. You’re buying them for the organizational aspect and nothing else.

With Granitestone, there are several key factors that make them worth the price point: They’re extremely well made, they’re nonstick, they’re nontoxic, and they stack. One of these aspects alone would be enough to justify the purchase, but together? That’s almost unbeatable in my book.

So, let’s talk about the quality. If you know anything about cooking, you know that not all frying pans are created equal. Depending on what type of material they’re made of, they may distribute heat unevenly, which is how you get undercooked eggs or burnt sauce.

Granitestone cookware is made of anodized aluminum and ceramic, meaning it distributes heat evenly throughout the pan and applies a much more consistent temperature to the food in it. This makes it a lot easier to cook well and avoid burning or undercooking your meals.


That anodized coating also makes these pans scratch-resistant, which I really enjoy. I have two 12-year-olds who are becoming more and more adventurous in the kitchen, and the golden rule against using metal cooking utensils on pots and pans isn’t quite clicking for them yet.

I’ve had my Stackmaster set for a few months now, and based on how the quality has held up thus far, plus that anodized coating, I feel confident in their sustainability and longevity.


Despite the high-quality materials and coating applied to these pans, they’re also nonstick. Again, those two traits usually are mutually exclusive — you can either get a pan that efficiently conducts heat, or you can get a pan that’s nonstick. Thankfully, with Granitestone, these traits go hand-in-hand.

99% of the time, all it takes to get the leftover food off these pots and pans is a quick rinse. Whether I’m heating up a sauce, frying eggs, sauteing vegetables, or cooking mac ‘n cheese, everything slides right off. At most, I might need to use a dab of dish soap and a sponge, which is nowhere near the elbow grease that my old cookware required.

Design Elements

There are a few other really thoughtful design elements that I want to point out about these products. The design of the handles allows heat to escape more quickly, keeping them much cooler than I’d expect based on experience with previous cookware.

The handles are also super ergonomic, no matter which hand is dominant. I’m a lefty, and it feels like the handles were designed for my grip — but my right-handed husband feels the same way!


Also, they’re totally nontoxic. In a day and age when it feels like almost everything we consume and use in our homes is a possible carcinogen or a “forever chemical” that’s going to continue degrading the planet for thousands of years, it’s extremely refreshing to find a product free of potentially toxic chemicals like PFOA and lead.

I feel comfortable allowing my kids to handle these pans, and I don’t have to worry about microplastics or chemicals leaching into the food I cook on them the way I might with cheaper cookware.


Finally, everything included in the set is oven-safe. I can think of few scenarios where I’d want to put my saucepans or pots in the oven, but it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to. It’s also nice to know that these things are durable in super-high temperatures for extended periods of time.

Price Point

Again, that price point per value received is just incredible. The whole 15-piece set comes down to just a little over $10 per piece, which is an incredible bargain. Now, I might be a little biased because of how much I love this brand and these products. However, I can’t think of another brand that’s delivering such high-quality goods for such a low price.

Cookware can get crazy expensive, and it’s so nice to find products that actually do what they’re supposed to without completely draining your bank account.

The Verdict

I would recommend Granitestone Stackmaster to many different people: amateur or hobby chefs looking for some high-quality, inexpensive cookware, anyone living in a home with multiple people or operating in a kitchen without much room, as well as anyone living on their own for the first time and looking to start building up their cookware collection.

The product selection for this 15-piece set was really smart. I think it’s the perfect blend of super high-quality yet still accessible and useful for everyday cooking. I use at least one of these pots and pans every day and probably use every single item from this set each week.

Overall, I would give Granitestone Stackmaster five out of five stars. I’ve been wildly impressed by the stackability, quality, and price point, and will never go back to cooking without Granitestone in my kitchen.


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