Contour Swan Pillow: Sweet Dreams – Our Honest Review

Let me just start by saying that I am a PICKY sleeper. I’ve never been one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere, whether on an overnight flight or on a friend’s floor. I find it difficult to sleep unless the conditions are exactly right: A cool breeze blowing gently on my face, the room at exactly 67 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed all to myself. And, ideally, a pillow somewhere between my arms or my legs.

For the longest time, I couldn’t explain WHY I slept so much better with a body pillow to hold onto; it just felt comfier. Having a pillow between my knees against my chest is soothing, but I also felt like it positioned my body in a more comfortable way to ease into falling asleep. I never could put words to exactly why that was; I just knew that it felt right.

Well, now I know — sleeping curved over a long pillow, such as the Contour Swan Pillow, is actually beneficial for your spine. It’s a super ergonomic way to sleep, and it totally makes sense why I (and probably many other picky sleepers) crave that feeling when falling asleep.

So, if you’re someone like me and you need your circumstances to be perfect to fall asleep — including having some sort of body pillow in bed with you — I cannot recommend the Contour Swan Pillow more.

Features and Benefits: The Contour Swan Pillow’s Spine Support and Breathable Fabric

First of all, I’m sure this pillow is perfect for every type of sleeper — back sleepers, side sleepers, and even pregnant women who tend to need extra sleep support for their growing tummies. It’s the length of my body and curves at the top (just like the neck of a swan, hence the name “contour swan pillow”), which means it provides support for my entire body, from my knees to my hips to my spine and neck.

The first night I slept with this pillow, I could hardly get out of bed in the morning because I was so dang comfortable. I think my alarm was going off for nearly 10 minutes before I actually woke up; I was so deeply asleep.

I noticed that the quality of this pillow is also super high. Although the pillow is somewhat dense, the fabric feels lightweight and almost breathable. I looked it up, and I think it’s made of bamboo fibers, which makes sense — they tend to stay much cooler compared to other fabrics.

All of the fabric is also hypoallergenic, which is non-negotiable for me. I’m super allergic to dust mites and pet dander, and hypoallergenic fabrics wick away allergens so they don’t build up in your bedding. With non-hypoallergenic fabrics, I find myself sneezing basically all the time.

With this pillow, I haven’t had to worry about that at all. I’ve had it for several weeks now and so far haven’t had any problems overheating or feeling smothered, likely because of how high-quality the fabric is.

Maintenance and Longevity: Cleaning and Protecting Your Contour Swan Pillow

It comes with a mesh bag for storage and cleaning purposes, making it easier to throw in the washing machine. I’m the type of person who enjoys washing her sheets once a week — like I said, I am a picky sleeper, and having clean sheets goes a long way towards my overall quality of sleep. Being able to easily throw this in the washing machine without worrying about hand washing it or shrinkage or anything like that is a lifesaver.

Just throw it in on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat, and you’ll be good to go. Depending on what your dryer is like, it may take a couple of cycles to get yours fully dry — I usually have to run mine twice on dry for it to actually fully dry off.

If you’re even more particular about your bedding than I am, you can also buy a custom protective pillowcase. Like any pillowcase, this protects your Contour Swan Pillow from getting grimy over time.

You might drool all night long, but the pillowcase absorbs the brunt of it, not the pillow itself. This goes a long way towards protecting the longevity of the pillow. It also makes me feel better about sleeping with the pillow night after night. I know I’m not putting my face on a pillow full of bacteria because both the pillow and the pillowcase get washed frequently.

Making an Informed Decision: Who Should Consider the Contour Swan Pillow?

So, who should buy the Contour Swan Pillow? If you sleep great at night and are fine with your sleep routine as is, you probably don’t need this.

On the other hand, if you struggle to get comfortable at night or frequently move pillows between your knees and at your chest, you should definitely check out a body pillow like this one. I can’t overestimate how much a body pillow did for the quality of my sleep and how much more this particular body pillow did on top of that.

This pillow reportedly helps support your lower back and improve spine alignment, and while I’m not a doctor and can’t say for sure that it’s actually doing those things, it certainly FEELS like it. I wake up feeling refreshed like my spine has been realigned in the night while I’m sleeping.

It also feels like I’m being hugged in my sleep, and while I usually can’t stand cuddling or sharing a bed with someone else for more than a few minutes, when it comes to a stuffed inanimate object, I kind of enjoy it. Who would’ve thought?

Are There Drawbacks?

One thing about this product is that although it slides between my covers super easily and generally has a flat profile, it DOES take up room in my bed. (I mean, that’s kind of the purpose of a body pillow.)

I have a queen-sized bed, so I don’t feel claustrophobic or squished with this in my bed, but I can imagine that someone with a smaller bed might. I’d recommend testing out sleeping with multiple pillows or even another body pillow before investing in this product if you have a twin-sized bed.

Although, I actually take that back — the Contour Swan Pillow comes with a 90-day Comfort Guarantee, so you actually have plenty of time to test out this particular body pillow and return it if it isn’t for you, risk-free. So maybe try sleeping with multiple pillows, and if you feel much more comfortable, go ahead and order a Contour Swan Pillow.

If you hate it, you can send it back and get your money back. (I know I’m a complete stranger, but trust me on this: You’re not going to hate it. You probably won’t be able to sleep without it once you get used to it.)


Overall, I would highly recommend this product. As someone who often struggles to fall asleep, I know the value of an ergonomic pillow when I see one.

The Contour Swan has made my nighttime routine so much easier, improving my mood, my stress levels around bedtime, and my tiredness/sleepiness throughout the day. I feel more supported at night, making me happier and healthier during the day.

If you’re totally fine with your sleeping routine or have a smaller bed, then maybe this product isn’t for you. But everyone else, take my word for it. Once you start sleeping with the Contour Swan, you won’t look back.

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