Gotham Steel Hammered Design: An Elegant Addition to Your Kitchen — Our Review

I’ve been searching for a truly nonstick cookware line for as long as I can remember. My options have always been cookware that’s kinda nonstick — some foods will slide right off, but others still leave a residue that requires steel wool and a bit of elbow grease to get off — or professional-level nonstick pans that are so expensive I’m scared to even give them a try.

I thought those would be my options forever until I was at a dinner party with a few of my neighbors. I went into the kitchen after dinner to help the hostess clean up and noticed her pots and pans. Every single one of them was shiny and beautiful, to the point that I thought they must be handcrafted.

I also noticed that cleanup was super easy. Everything rinsed right off the way I had always dreamed it would on my “nonstick” pots and pans. I had to know where she got her cookware. Turns out, it was Gotham Steel Hammered Design. I went home and ordered my own set, and I’ve been thrilled with my cookware ever since.

What Makes Gotham Steel So Great?

The first reason I’m so in love with my set of Gotham Steel hammered cookware is because the nonstick is actually nonstick. As I mentioned before, I think I’ve tried every other nonstick line on the market, barring those marketed towards professional chefs — which, of course, cost hundreds of dollars per pan.

Gotham Steel Hammered Design makes cooking so much more relaxing and easier because I don’t have to let all the pans soak for hours, scrub away residue and crust, and use some serious elbow grease to get my pots and pans clean.

If you live with roommates, I’m sure you can especially see the benefit of cookware that requires less than a minute of rinsing to get clean. It means no longer waiting for your roommates to deal with the dishes that have been soaking in the sink for days or feeling the pressure of hustling through a meal just to make sure you can get to the dishes before someone else needs to cook.

When all you need to do is hold the pan under hot water or take thirty seconds to soap up and rinse off the pan, the kitchen becomes way more accessible and less intimidating around mealtimes.

Here’s a quick example of what cooking dinner was like the other night with my Gotham Steel Hammered set: First, I sauteed some vegetables in my 13” fry pan while boiling rice in one of my sauce pots. Once both were done, I transferred the rice to the frying pan and mixed in an egg to fry my rice.

In my old pans, this exact dinner would’ve created a huge mess: one pot sticky with rice residue, another with fried egg and soy sauce. That same dinner is so much easier to clean up in my Gotham Steel cookware. Seriously, I just give it one rinse, and all the residue slides right off. Then, I can just throw my pots and pans in the dishwasher to make sure it gets fully clean.

Less Oil and Butter

One benefit of the super nonstick coating that I don’t take advantage of (but think some people will appreciate) is that you can get away with using way less cooking oil and butter. If I were on a diet or worried about my cholesterol (AKA my future in ten to fifteen years), I would probably forgo 90% of the olive oil I use because I no longer need it for nonstick purposes.

Now, the butter and oil that I use are for the express purpose of taste. I can’t quite get myself to get rid of it yet, but it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted or needed to say goodbye. No need for all those extra calories just to make cleanup easier. If you’re watching your weight, I highly recommend Gotham cookware.


As important as high-quality nonstick is to me, it’s not the only reason why I’m so grateful to have these pots and pans in my life. They’re also really durable.

I have a bad habit of using metal utensils on my cookware. I know it’s horrible, but sometimes I’m lazy and don’t think about stirring my mac ‘n cheese with a stainless steel fork. It’s nice to not have to worry about the utensils I’m using with my Gotham Steel cookware.

Heat Conducting

I’ve also found that it conducts heat super well, which is not usually true for nonstick cookware. Thankfully, with these frying pans, I can saute vegetables, scramble eggs, make pancakes, and do everything that I need to do without worrying about under or overcooking my food. If my food is soggy or burns, it’s on me — not on my cookware. As silly as it sounds, that feels like a luxury.

Oven- and Dishwasher-Safe

Of course, there are so many other factors I love about this particular line of cookware. For instance, it’s all oven-safe and dishwasher-safe — just a few more ways it keeps making my life easier.

Being able to throw all of my pots and pans into the dishwasher has made me resolve to never buy non-dishwasher-safe cookware or utensils ever again. Half of the time, I simply rinse off my cookware, and the other half of the time, I throw it in the dishwasher. Either way, it’s low-effort clean-up that still gets the job done.


Now, the final feature that I really love about these pots and pans is how they look. They’re just so beautiful!

I think hammered metal can look cheap sometimes, but the hammered design on these pots and pans is so beautiful and deceptively delicate-looking that I just love them. In fact, soon after I bought the 13-piece pro set, I installed a hanging rack in my kitchen so that I could store them while keeping them on display. They’re extremely shiny and look practically handcrafted.

I feel like the hammered metal has given my kitchen a lovely rustic look, and I can’t get over the fact that I was able to find everything I was looking for in one set of pots and pans. They’re exceptionally nonstick, high-quality, convenient to wash and use, beautiful, and best of all, AFFORDABLE!

Price Point

Of course, we can’t forget that price point. I never thought I’d be able to find a full set of beautiful kitchenware for just a couple hundred bucks. I mean, that’s just a steal, in my opinion. I believe they have a decent money-back policy and warranty, which I always like to see in online purchases. It makes me feel confident in the products I’m buying because it shows that the companies themselves are confident in the products they’re putting out.

Even if I hadn’t been on this ultimate quest to find high-quality nonstick cookware, I think I would’ve been intrigued by what Gotham Steel Hammered Design has to offer.

My New Favorite Pots and Pans

To wrap up my Gotham Steel Hammered Design review, I think this is a can’t-miss opportunity for anyone who uses their kitchen semi-regularly. I would highly recommend it to amateur and frequent chefs alike, and I’m so glad I discovered it for myself!

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