Clean Boss: Empowering Your Cleaning Routine – Our Review

What can I say about Clean Boss to adequately capture how much I love this company and all their products. They’ve made my home so much cleaner and my life so much easier. I LOVE all of these products! I cannot recommend them enough!!

Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been super focused on keeping my space and myself clean. I wouldn’t describe myself as a germophobe, but I definitely enjoy the smell of cleaning products and knowing that my items and my space are disinfected and germ-free.

It started with wearing a mask during the pandemic (which I’ve continued to do whenever I have a cold or feel sick). I also invested in a UV-light phon e cleaner, hand sanitizer, and other portable cleaning products. But nothing has scratched the itch and made me feel better about my cleanliness than Clean Boss products.

Here are all of the Clean Boss products that I’ve bought and tested out:

  • Their all-purpose disinfectant
  • Their heavy-duty, multi-surface foaming wipes
  • Their antimicrobial cleaning cloths
  • Their six hour power hand sanitizer
  • Their germ-killing bags

I think the only product I haven’t tried yet are their masks, because I already own so many. But their masks are supposedly award-winning, so I’m sure if I did try them out I’d highly recommend those as well.

Clean Boss All-Purpose Disinfectant

I’ll start with the disinfectant. Their Multi-Surface Disinfectant and Cleaner — also called Thymol Disinfectant — is super effective, smells great, and feels cleaner and healthier than so many other disinfectants I’ve tried. It uses Thymol, a thyme extract, to do most of the heavy lifting, and is free of bleach, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum, formaldehyde, dyes, parabens — basically every cleaning chemical that deep in your heart you know is probably a carcinogen.

You know how everyone warns you about mixing cleaning products? Like, you’re not supposed to use toilet bowl cleaner with other cleaning products at the same time, because you could accidentally create mustard gas and poison yourself? With Clean Boss, you don’t have to worry about that. Not that I go around mixing cleaning products very often, but I have kids, and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to think about that at all. You can spray Thymol Disinfectant on your countertops and eat food off the counters an hour later. That’s the type of safety I’d like to see in all of my cleaning products, please!

Despite the natural origins of this product, it still kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi, just like any other harsh chemical cleaner. Including the virus that causes COVID-19. And it smells AMAZING. I mean, hello?? This stuff is sent straight from the gods.

Clean Boss Multi-Surface Foaming Wipes

I’m pretty sure they use the same disinfectant in their foaming wipes as they do in the spray bottle, except the foaming wipes come in a few different scents: Lala Lavender (my favorite), Cucumber Candy, Coco Coconut, Bahama Breeze (my second favorite), and Very Berry. The foaming wipes are textured, which I felt made it easier to wipe grime and dirt off surfaces. Of course, nothing does the job quite as well as steel wool or a regular old sponge. But if I’m going to use a wipe, I think these work really well.

According to the bottle, the wipes are safe on stainless steel, sealed wood, grout, metal, tile, windows, baby toys and furniture, upholstery and fabric, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. I haven’t tried it out on quite all those surfaces yet — just regular surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom, including tile, wood, and metal. So far, so great.

Clean Boss Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths

I also really like their Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths, which use silver ion technology to continuously kill germs and bacteria. I’m not exactly sure how this silver ion technology works, but what I can tell you is that when I pair these cleaning cloths with their disinfectant spray, I don’t think my home has ever been cleaner. They feel super soft but they generate enough friction to really get the job done.

Plus, you can throw them in the washer or dryer like any other towel or rag and reuse them over and over. Now THAT, I really appreciate. I always feel guilty using single-use products, so it’s great to be able to reuse a product.

The cleaning cloths come in multiple colors, sizes, and variety packs, so you can choose the option that best aligns with your lifestyle. I have the purple 25-pack and it was worth every penny. They also come in a plain gray and a pretty blue shade.

Clean Boss Hand Sanitizer

Okay, now let me tell you about the hand sanitizer. Remember back in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when hand sanitizer was in enormous demand and stores often ran out? And every hand sanitizer for a long time smelled like straight tequila? This hand sanitizer is basically the opposite of that. It smells AMAZING. Like, I actually questioned how effective it really could be because it smells that good. I have the Lala Lavender one, but I’ve also tried Apple Crisp, and I really like it.

Despite how amazing it smells, this stuff really gets the job done. It’s alcohol based, like most hand sanitizers, but it lasts up to six hours, which is perfect for whenever you’re going to be in a public setting for a while. Think about how many germs you likely pick up from touching stair rails, elevator buttons, coins, even your own phone screen.

Once I apply this, I feel SO MUCH BETTER about those germs. It’s such a weight off my shoulders. Supposedly, you can get 500 uses out of one bottle — to me, it felt more like probably half that, which is still fine by me. My first bottle lasted me over half a year, my second I think lasted a full year. That is 100% worth $9.95.

I also noticed that this hand sanitizer didn’t dry out and destroy my hands, like the tequila-scented sanitizer of days past. Um, yes please.

Clean Boss Antimicrobial Bags

Okay, the last product I have to mention before signing off: their antimicrobial bags. Like the cloths, their bags are infused with silver ion technology that supposedly is antimicrobial and kills germs. I don’t know exactly how or why this works, but I know that I feel so much better putting these bags on public surfaces than I felt about other bags in the past. They kill and repel germs and bacteria — and they’re SO CUTE!!

The backpacks come in four different colors. Mine is shade rose quartz, and I’m obsessed with it. The shade matches perfectly to the gold hardware, and it’s so roomy and spacious inside. Also, the shell is nylon, so it feels sort of slipper, if that makes sense? It makes it lightweight and cooler to carry around.

The backpack straps are also adjustable, so if you’re on the larger or smaller side, I imagine it would still fit you well. From what I can tell (and from a year of use) the straps and stitching on their bags are super high quality. I use my backpack almost every day.

The Bottom Line

Basically, I recommend every product sold by Clean Boss. It’s all so smart and stylishly designed. Everything smells good and works well — the cleaning solution of my dreams. I’ve bought Clean Boss products for so many friends and family members that I think they might be sick of it. Seriously can’t say enough good things. I would highly highly recommend all of their stuff!!

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