CleanZone: Your Sanctuary of Clean Air – Our Review

Attention: If you have a CPAP machine, you ABSOLUTELY need this product. I rely on CleanZone to clean mine literally every single day, and I can’t imagine what I would do without it.

I was complaining about my old CPAP sanitizer to a friend a few months ago — it’s super bulky and noisy, and I honestly hated it – when she recommended CleanZone. I immediately looked it up online, and since then, I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen.

It’s been a complete game changer for me as far as using my CPAP machine. Let me explain why.

What Is CleanZone?

What is the CleanZone? The short answer is that it’s a sterilizing and cleaning device for your CPAP machine.

If you don’t use a PAP machine – a CPAP, A-PAP, or BI-PAP – then you don’t need this product. But if you use any of the above devices, listen up because this is absolutely essential to protecting your daily health and hygiene.

If you have a CPAP machine, you should clean the mask and tubing daily and the chamber and humidifier weekly. In my many years of sleeping with a CPAP machine (sleep apnea for the win!) this is by far the best sanitizing product I’ve found.

It’s lightweight, effective, and inexpensive compared to other products on the market. And, more importantly, it WORKS. If you live with sleep apnea, you know that there’s a lot of crappy stuff out there that purports to help with sleep apnea and sanitize your equipment but doesn’t actually do much. Of everything I’ve tried, this gets the job done most effectively.

How Does ClearZone Work?

From what I understand, ClearZone uses activated oxygen, AKA ozone, to kill germs and bacteria. When stored properly (such as in the bag inside the CleanZone), it instantly kills viruses, bacteria, and any living particles it comes into contact with.

That’s how any sanitizing product works and that’s the actual action that is sanitizing the CPAP machine. However, it harmlessly dissipates once it comes into contact with regular air. So even though ozone is a super powerful way to disinfect and sanitize equipment, it’s totally harmless to you and those around you.

Non-Toxic and Environmentally-Friendly

What I love about this product is that it uses ozone rather than potentially toxic chemicals. I don’t like using toxic chemicals in general — they’re bad for the environment. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the everyday cleaners we use in our homes and even on our bodies will have long-term effects that we just don’t know about yet because we haven’t been using them for long enough.

So I’ll use these cleaning products when I have to, but I try to shy away from them. I ABSOLUTELY won’t use heavy-duty sanitizing agents on equipment pumping air straight into my body. Even if you let your mask and tubing sit out and dry after cleaning it with traditional sanitizing products, using chemicals on this type of intimate equipment makes me nervous.

It was such a relief to find a sanitizing product that uses ozone rather than harsh chemicals, and that was actually one of the major reasons I ultimately decided to purchase my CleanZone.


Other reasons why I decided to order CleanZone (and why I’ve decided to keep it and write a gushing review): It’s rechargeable — no batteries needed! I’m a sucker for any type of rechargeable product. I hate worrying about and buying batteries, especially for something I use daily.

Can you imagine how many batteries you would go through with this thing? The rechargeable aspect of it was non-negotiable for me and has been a lifesaver.


Another reason: It’s SO lightweight and portable! When I saw online that it was “portable,” I thought, sure. It’s probably slightly smaller than their competitor. But the CleanZone literally weighs half a pound.

I actually measured it and was so shocked by how light it was. Looking back, I suppose it makes sense — the main sanitizing agent is a gas. It’s not like it has to hold heavy liquid.

But still, it’s such a relief that it’s so portable and easy to use. Like I said, I use my CleanZone literally every single day. If I had to lug around a heavy cleaning machine, I think I’d be way less inclined to use it as much as I should.


It’s also super efficient. To use it, you only have to press a single button and let it run through a 30-minute cycle. Now, I’ve gotten into a routine where I let it run in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. I wake up, make my bed, and run my CleanZone while I do my makeup, get dressed, and eat breakfast.

But before I got into this routine, and sometimes on the weekends, I’d forget to run it until I was getting ready to use my CPAP machine at night. The entire cleaning cycle only lasts half an hour, so I can use it even at the last minute and not delay sleep by very long at all. It’s super quiet, too, so it doesn’t bug me, even when I’m exhausted and not in the mood to hear white noise right after I wake up.

The Price

Okay, the last factor in this product that absolutely sold me on it was the PRICE. If you’ve looked into CPAP sanitization before, you probably know that this type of equipment typically runs between $250 and $400. After all, CPAP equipment is serious stuff, and you don’t want to mess around with cheap, ineffective equipment.

That’s why the price tag on CleanZone is unbelievable: $99 for a lighter, quicker, safer, and more effective product than ANY of the competitors I’ve tried. I couldn’t believe it at first — I had to do a double take to ensure it was $99 and not $999. This is the deal of the century, in my opinion. I’m so glad that my friend recommended it to me.

CleanZone for the Win

This gratitude is why I’ve spent so much time writing this product review. Sleep apnea is kind of a nightmare on its own — dealing with clunky, noisy sanitizing gear that hardly even works is salt in the wound. It was such a relief to find CleanZone and find that it works effectively, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t share the joy.

If you already have a sanitizing product that you like, don’t buy the CleanZone. This type of equipment is expensive, and there’s no point spending another hundred bucks if you already like the one you have.

But if you’re sick of yours, in the market for a new one, or recently started using a CPAP machine and need to buy a sanitizer for the first time, I couldn’t recommend CleanZone more. It gets the job done without a ton of noise, fuss, or the insane price tag of other models. It’s been a seamless addition to my daily routine, and I would recommend it to anyone who uses these products regularly.

Overall? Five out of five stars. Get a CleanZone today — I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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