BattleVision Wrap Arounds: Eyewear Revolution — Our Review

It’s no secret that driving in bad weather can be terrifying. It’s easy to overestimate the driving ability of yourself and your car when visibility is bad, and conditions are windy or slippery.

I used to be pretty confident in my driving abilities — overly confident, if I’m being honest — until one day, I was driving in a storm and almost spun out. It was TERRIFYING. It was a highway that I took to work every single day. I knew each twist and turn in the road, I knew my car, and I thought I was familiar with the weather in the area. Nope! The visibility was terrible, and I lost sight of the lane lines. Then, I started hydroplaning. I nearly spun out before I was able to pull under an overpass and safely stop the car.

Since that moment, I’ve taken every possible precaution on the road. I have two heavy-duty ice scrapers, I always plan enough time in my journey to fully defrost the car before leaving, and I drive slowly and avoid the highways when conditions are bad. Still, sometimes, even all of that caution isn’t enough, especially during the winter when it’s snowy and there’s low visibility nearly every other day. There’s no way to stay 100% safe unless you avoid leaving the house entirely during the winter.

What Are BattleVision Wrap Arounds?

Enter Battle Vision Wrap Arounds. I never realized that a product like this existed until one of my buddies mentioned it to me. He’s a long-haul trucker and had been using his BattleVision glasses for several months at this point. He’d actually brought them up over the summer out of nowhere, but I didn’t think much of it. The weather was still nice at that point!

Fast forward four months, and I found myself complaining to him about how I had to drive to work unable to see the lane lines at least once a week. He brought up his BattleVision WrapArounds again, and this time, I did check them out. Thank god I did because these have been a total lifesaver already — and I know they’re going to continue to help as the days get shorter and we head into winter.

If you aren’t familiar with glare-reduction glasses, I’ll explain the basics. These glasses are tinted orange-yellow to reduce glare and improve visibility in low-light situations.

You know how when you drive at night, especially in inclement weather, even just a couple of headlights can momentarily blind you? The glare created can be so overwhelming, especially when there’s humidity in the air, that it can exacerbate the already-present danger of slippery conditions. BattleVision wraparounds instantly solve that problem. Even if it’s still hard to see, it helps immensely to be able to see past the glare. I no longer have to squint, which narrows an already small field of vision to basically nothing.

Aside from cutting the glare, I realized that the orange/yellow tint also brightens up my field of vision, which also helps improve visibility in bad weather. I never knew that technology like this existed, but the glare reduction plus the brightening effect can make even nighttime driving much easier and less scary.

You know how in old movies, they used to film night scenes during the day, but would put a filter over the camera lens to make it look like it was dark out? This is basically the opposite of that. It’s like putting a lens over your vision that dramatically improves how much you can see. It’s actually sort of wild to experience.

My Experience With BattleVision Wrap-Arounds

Ever since I started wearing these glasses at night and during bad weather, I’ve felt so much more comfortable on the road. I still take all the same precautions as before, of course. Still, it’s not an exaggeration to say that these bad boys have dramatically improved my driving experience.

The one downside was getting used to wearing them. I’ll admit, I felt a little silly putting on orange wraparound glasses to drive in bad weather. It sort of felt like wearing sunglasses inside. Thankfully, I quickly got over my self-consciousness, especially once I realized how much white-knuckle driving they saved me. They’re comfortable around my ears and face, and my wife likes them!

Well, I should say she likes how much safer it feels to drive. It took her a minute to get used to how it looked to wear these, too. Now, neither of us minds. We’ve been fully converted because they’ve made our lives so much easier.

Here’s another example of just why I can’t stop raving about my BattleVision WrapArounds and why I sat down to write this review in the first place. My oldest daughter just recently joined a club volleyball team. Nearly every night after school, she has to drive to the sports dome twenty minutes away for practice.

She’s a responsible driver, don’t get me wrong. Still, I can’t deny I’ve been nervous about her driving so much, especially as it gets darker earlier. She’s a young driver, you know? I ended up getting three extra pairs, so everyone in my family has a pair of WrapArounds. We keep them in each car.

It’s not a flawless system, but I feel more relaxed about having a young driver on the road at night, knowing that she has a high-quality pair of glare-reduction glasses.

The High-Quality Difference

That’s the last thing I have to mention about BattleVision WrapArounds is their quality. I thought that something at this inexpensive price point would be super low quality. In reality, they’ve been excellent so far.

My trucker buddy I mentioned earlier has had his pair for months at this point with no chipping, cracking, or stretching out. He hasn’t had to replace his pair, and neither have we.

Now, here’s the kicker: Even if they had chipped or broken, it wouldn’t have mattered because they have a lifetime guarantee. That’s how you know a product is the real deal, in my opinion.

That’s crazy! Buy one pair, and you’re set forever, no more money needed. In my experience, you typically don’t see that type of guarantee on products unless they’re a hundred bucks or more. Honestly, despite how convincing my trucker buddy was, I wasn’t fully set on buying a pair for myself until I saw that guarantee. Then I figured, what the heck? They’d probably work, and I’d have them for life.

As it turns out, I was right.

The Final Word on My BattleVision Wrap Arounds Review

If I haven’t convinced you these glasses are the real deal yet, that’s fine. If you live in an area that usually has mostly good driving conditions, to begin with, you probably don’t need them as much as I do.

For everyone else out there — like long-haul drivers, people who live in places that experience winter or a wet season, and folks with young drivers at home — if you’re even considering it, give them a try. I’ve rarely been more satisfied with a purchase, and I’m confident that you’ll feel the same.


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