Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus: Comfort for Your Feet – Our Review

Are you a runner? Do you enjoy taking long walks? Have you ever injured your Achilles tendon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you NEED the Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus.

Speaking as a runner who just bought her own, trust me, it is well worth the investment. Since I bought a pair, I’ve worn them nearly every day, and I actually think they saved my running career. Let me explain why.

I’ve been running half marathons for almost a decade now. Running is my stress relief — after a long day at work, dealing with a family conflict, or even just fretting about the latest tragedy on the news, I can always release my stress and unwind with a run. But a month ago, I was running my usual route when suddenly I felt a stabbing pain in the muscle right underneath my feet.

Let me tell you that this is every runner’s worst nightmare. I knew exactly what it was: Plantar fasciitis, AKA an inflammation of the muscle that connects your toes to your heel. I’ve never experienced it before, but just like shin splints, it’s one among a slew of common running injuries.

I immediately slowed to a stop, walked the rest of the way home, and jumped onto my computer to research treatment options. No way was I going to let this stupid injury get in the way of my number one stress relief. That’s how I discovered Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus.

What Is Copper Fit Compression?

To put it simply, the Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus is a compression band that wraps around your foot. Compression is great for injuries — remember RICE, the acronym we were all supposed to memorize in first aid class? The C stands for Compression, one of the first things you should do with an injured ligament, muscle, tendon, or bone.

Compression helps increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling, which can speed up the healing process. So, with something like plantar fasciitis, compression is one of the first things you want to do to treat it. The Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus is adjustable in size, which is important for ensuring it’s wrapped snugly around your foot.

What Does Compression Offer?

It’s also super thin and flexible. I’ve worn mine under shoes several times now without any problems. It basically feels like a very snug sock and is actually quite comfortable to wear and walk around in.

In addition to compression, it also provides “orthotic support,” which essentially supports the arches of your feet. In my opinion, this is a super great option for anyone dealing with fallen or weak arches in addition to muscle and tendon injuries.

What Is Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus Made Of?

Now, here’s what’s so great about this product: The compressive material is infused with copper, which helps combat the smell! It’s no secret that anything that spends an extended period around your feet — socks, shoes, compression bands — will start picking up an odor after a while. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable.

But I’ve noticed that the Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus is waaaaay less stinky than I’d expect, considering how much I wear them. I can wear them in my New Balances all day long, then continue wearing them with sandals to dinner without worrying about the smell. I’ve never seen this sort of technology before, but now that I have, I don’t know why every shoe insert or orthotic product doesn’t use copper to reduce the smell. It’s a huge relief and a huge convenience.

What Is Arch Relief Used For?

If you’ve ever tried orthotics or insoles before, you can get the gist of how these work. But what sets them apart is that I can wear them with literally any shoe. Orthotics tend to only work with closed-toe shoes, such as tennis shoes. I *could* wear tennis shoes all day long, but who wants that? Who wants to wear tennis shoes around their own house?

With Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus, I can get arch support at the gym, church, date nights, dinners with my friends, and while wearing my fuzzy slippers around the house. I wish everything I bought blended into my lifestyle so seamlessly.

The difference between wearing and not wearing them is like night and day. After five minutes of wearing them, my plantar fasciitis completely disappears. I feel back to normal again — what a relief! I’ve enjoyed wearing these so much that I actually bought a pair for my husband, too.

He doesn’t have any foot or ankle injuries, but he sometimes complains of his feet aching after our long Sunday walks, and I figured a little extra arch support wouldn’t hurt him. He’s become totally obsessed with them, too. A little compression around the arches after you’ve been standing on your feet for a while just feels really good, and it’s nice to know that they’re providing support and giving your feet a little bit of a break.

Is There a Return Policy?

Clearly, I think the Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus is well worth the money. But of course, if you aren’t a runner or have no heel problems, they might not be necessary for you. It all depends on your comfort level with your feet.

I just know that, as someone who walks and runs a lot, they’ve made a world of difference to me. And if you aren’t quite certain, they have a great return policy — try it out, and if they aren’t working for you, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

What Options Are Available?

The Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus comes in black and beige. Having two color options is super helpful for maximum discretion when I’m pairing them with, say, a sandal or a more open-top shoe. I have one in each color.

Another important thing to know about the material: It contains latex, making it stretchy and moldable to your foot. It’s probably one of the main reasons they’re so comfy. But if you have a latex allergy, these might not be for you!

If you DON’T have a latex allergy and have any sort of desire to support your arches and feet more than you already are, I definitely recommend this product. I think it’s the right price point, too.

How Much Do Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus Wraps Cost?

In my opinion, $19.99 is super reasonable for something that completely turned around my stress levels and supports my health daily. It’s also a low enough price that I felt comfortable trying the Arch Relief Plus out with the risk that I might not like them without losing a ton of money. I’m not usually one to shop online or spend money on something without trying it out first, but the bang for your buck with this product was such that I decided to give it a try.

Get Arch Relief Today!

If it isn’t obvious based on how much I’ve been rambling, I couldn’t be more glad that I did. Thanks to Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus, I’m running again. I’m so much less stressed than I was with plantar fasciitis, and I feel confident that I’ll be able to handle any other foot injuries in the future.

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