AquaCare: A Refreshing Addition to Your Shower – Our Review

Before I talk about this product, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have thick, curly hair. The kind of curly hair that snaps hair ties, refuses to be straightened, and sheds like CRAZY every time I comb it. No matter how much conditioner I use, I always lose hair in the shower, and more times than not, that hair ends up all over my tub. It’s annoying not only to me but to my roommates as well.

This exact scenario is why I decided to buy an AquaCare shower head. Believe me when I say this product has changed my life. Let me tell you about it.

What Is the AquaCare Shower Head?

The pressure-washer capability is what initially drew me to the AquaCare shower head. I wanted a quick and easy way to wash away not only stray hairs in the tub, but also soap scum and residue without having to keep an actual power washer in my shower — which is not exactly a practical solution.

I also loved the idea of being able to clean the tub on a semi-regular basis, rather than having to do an hour-long deep clean once a month. After doing a lot of research on various types of shower heads and tub cleaning products, I settled on the AquaCare shower head.

I’m pleased to report that it 100% does the trick. Every other shower, I’ll flip the AquaCare handle over and power-wash the tub after I’m done, and it remains squeaky-clean no matter how much hair I shed. My roommates do the same, and it has made it SO much easier to keep the bath and shower sparkling clean with much less maintenance.

How Many Flow Setting Does It Have?

But the pressure washing capability isn’t the only thing the AquaCare shower head can do. I didn’t realize this at first, but it actually has eight water flow settings (all of them high-pressure, just how I like it). I found that all eight of them worked exceptionally well. These settings include:

  • Power rain: Your typical high-pressure shower function. The water comes out of the shower head evenly and is high-pressure enough to rinse out shampoo without becoming painful.
  • Pulsating massage: With this setting, the water comes out in a narrow jet from the center of the shower head and works great as a focused massage for the shoulders or neck.
  • Rain and massage: This setting uses the same focused massage jet in the center of the shower head, in addition to a normal rain shower function.
  • Pause mode: I had never seen this in a shower head before, but you can actually pause the water without turning the whole shower off!
  • Gentle mist: The opposite of pulsating massage, this function is exactly what it sounds like — a fine, relaxing mist.
  • Rain and mist: This is my favorite setting. It’s a relaxing combination of pressure and gentle mist.
  • Wide spray fan: Most often, this is the setting I use to clean my shower. It’s high-pressure but still targets a large radius, making cleaning my tub super easy.
  • Target point jet: I’ll use this super-narrow, super high-pressure setting to clean up soap scum and residue left in my tub.

I had never experienced a shower head with multiple features before, and now that I’m used to it I don’t think I’ll ever go back. There’s just something so luxurious about being able to choose between multiple shower settings depending on your mood and needs. I typically stick with Rain and Mist, but every once in a while I’ll switch to Power Rain or Rain and Massage just to mix things up. It’s nice to just have the OPTION, you know? I feel like the queen of my apartment with the AquaCare shower head in my bathroom.

Additional AquaCare Features

Aside from the flexibility and magic of being able to rotate through shower settings, I also love my AquaCare shower head because I know that it stays so CLEAN. Between the continual humidity and proximity to the trash, toilet, sink and tub, the bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria. Nothing makes my skin crawl like picturing all that grime and bacteria contaminating the water coming out of the shower, which I then rinse my body with.

But with this shower head, I have peace of mind about staying clean and germ-free in the shower. It utilizes Germ Shield antimicrobial material to protect the nozzle from bacterial contamination, which can easily clog a shower head and then spray bacteria-contaminated water. The antimicrobial nozzle keeps me AND my shower germ-free with way less work than a traditional shower head might. And even if I can’t physically see the antimicrobial effects, it feels like such a weight off my shoulders to know that it’s working.

Does the AquareCare Shower Head Come With Extras?

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that my AquaCare shower head order came with two bonus items: a heavy-duty, extra-long stainless steel hose and a low-reach wall bracket. The long steel hose allows me to remove the shower head from the wall and turn it into a hand-held situation, which I enjoy every once in a while. On top of the eight different spray settings, it feels like a nice added luxury.

I also use my AquaCare as a hand-held shower head whenever I need to give my dog a bath. I have a golden retriever, and he sheds just as much as I do (actually, even more than I do). Being able to detach the shower head from the wall and hose him down in a more concentrated way has made doggie bath time waaaaay more efficient and less traumatizing for both of us. And with the 72-inch steel hose, I can reach him even when he tries his VERY best to get away from me! Actually, being able to bathe my dog without getting soaked might be one of the greatest (and most unexpected) benefits of the AquaCare shower head.

The low-reach wall bracket is great for this as well. I can mount the shower head low on the wall, soap him up, and then easily grab it to rinse him off. I imagine this feature would be useful for anyone with children or mobility impairments that make it difficult to stand up in the shower. I didn’t expect either of these features to come along with my shower head, but they were a great surprise, and now that I have them I honestly can’t imagine showering without them.

Installing the AquaCare Shower Head

The installation was very intuitive, and it didn’t take me long at all to get set up. Things like this (plumbing-adjacent, feels like it could potentially take all day to figure out) usually make me nervous. Unfortunately, I did not get the handyman gene from either of my parents. But this whole process has just been SO easy, and it’s made such a difference in my showering experience.

I know that I’m rambling a bit, but I’ve gotten so many benefits out of one simple shower head that I just have to share it with the world. My tub is much cleaner now — thanks to the easy power-washing function, I can blast away stray hairs and grime. I also FEEL cleaner, thanks to the antimicrobial nozzle. It’s both easier to bathe my dog and to clean up after him when we’re done. And even when I don’t need to clean my tub at all, I can choose between eight different spray functions, which makes me feel like I’m living in a hotel (in the BEST way). I really cannot recommend this product enough.

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