MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver: A Grooming Game-Changer — Our Review

I’ve been dreading going bald for as long as I can remember. My grandfather on my mom’s side is bald, so I knew it was coming for me eventually — I just hoped I’d be able to stick it out as long as possible through my 20s and 30s.

I made it to 34, so I guess I can’t complain that much. Some of my buddies started balding in college, after all.

Still, as soon as I found that little bald spot on the crown of my head, I knew it was time. My hairline wasn’t going to suffer a slow, receding death. I decided to just shave it all and embrace my baldness.

And you know what? Being bald hasn’t been all that bad. (My girlfriend tells me I make it work, at least.) The one thing that really sucks is actually shaving my head. I suddenly have a newfound appreciation for women who shave their legs frequently. That’s a lot of time and work devoted to grooming!

My morning routine is suddenly much longer than I’ve been used to, especially on days when I nick myself and have to stop the bleeding before I can leave the house. Head wounds are so dramatic. Even the smallest little cut from my razor can bleed for ten minutes if I don’t apply consistent pressure.

It’s been annoying enough that I started looking for more high-quality shaving equipment … and became much more willing to spend a premium. I’ve been using drugstore razors for decades, and they always got the job done in the past. Now that I’m shaving my bare head, I need something a little bit … safer? More thoughtfully designed?

Well, I found everything that I was looking for in the MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver.

Why Is the MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver Changing the Game?

I assume this razor is called the “MicroTouch” because — unlike the drugstore razors I was used to — it feels like it’s hardly touching your skin at all. This thing is made of five rotary razors, meaning they rotate horizontally against my scalp and contour on what feels like a micro-level. The razors account for every subtle change of angle on my scalp in a way that I just can’t. The result has been an incredibly smooth shaving experience ever since I started using this razor.

The Battery

The MicroTough Titanium Head Shaver uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which I love because I don’t have to run out to the store to buy new batteries every month or have to worry about finding an outlet or plugging it in while I use it.

This battery has also made the razor so easy to travel with. I just make sure that it’s charged up, and I can throw it in my backpack or carry on — no long cords required. I’ve found charging it once a week overnight or for a few hours is plenty of time for it to last me the whole week.

In general, it’s incredibly easy to use and to maintain battery power, which I thought was a huge plus.

The Versatility

The other thing that’s so cool about this razor is that it works wet or dry, with shaving cream or without. I use a specific type of shaving cream religiously – it has a cool and minty smell, and it moisturizes my scalp.

I think my shaving cream is integral to maintaining my overall vibe. However, on the few occasions when I’ve run out of shaving cream, forgot to bring some, or just need to touch up a few spots of stubble, I can fire up my MicroTouch Titanium Shaver and use it without any product at all. No nicks, cuts, or nothing – it trims just as smoothly as if I were using it with a lotion.

To me, that’s like a miracle. I don’t understand the science behind it, but it works. So, if you’re the type of person who abhors spending money on shaving cream or having to lather up before you shave, this is definitely the shaver for you.

The Design

Another detail that I love about this shaver is the design. The whole shaver is a sort of squat, round shape that’s easy to hold and manipulate while you’re shaving. It’s ergonomic and thoughtfully designed.

I think one of the reasons why I cut myself so much less frequently with this shaver is because of how easy it is to move and manipulate. I don’t have to twist my wrist into awkward or uncomfortable angles to shave the back of my head, I can just move the shaver around in a natural, comfortable way. It’s so much more relaxing than my previous shaving strategy.

The Efficiency

The last feature I want to point out is that this product has also cut down on my shave time by a TON. As I mentioned earlier, it’s five razors in one, meaning it works about five times as quickly as my other razor. I waste less time each day, and having to go over my scalp fewer times is probably another reason why I tend to nick myself way less.

Is the MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver Expensive?

At the time that I bought this shaver, it was priced at just under $60. I thought this was a super reasonable price. Unlike the disposable razors I was used to using, it will last you for life (or until the battery gives out, I guess).

It actually seems like an incredible value per price, considering how much time it’s saved me and the fact that if I wasn’t so fixated on my particular shaving lotion, I could save on buying shaving cream as well. I’ve yet to see another shaver on the market that works so well for such a bargain price.

I also think they offer payment plans, if that’s more your speed. Either way, I would highly recommend considering investing in this product. Because that’s what it is: an investment into an integral part of your weekly or daily routine and into a big facet of your appearance.

Wrapping Up My MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver Review

Personally, I feel like I’ve experienced a huge jump in self-confidence since I started using the MicroTouch. Even though I’d been preparing myself for it for years, going bald was not an easy transition. Ever since I started using this product, I feel like my scalp has just looked better – fewer nicks and cuts, a smoother shave, and a huge leap in confidence thanks to the investment in myself.

I’ve been using my MicroTouch for a few months, and I would absolutely recommend this shaver to anyone who shaves often, especially in delicate places like your scalp or kneecaps. It’s easy to maneuver, and the five rotating blades mean that you’re far less likely to cut yourself, and it’s a great route to save a lot of money on shaving products.

You’ll at least shave on buying new razors every few weeks — and you might also save on buying shaving cream unless you’re fixated on your shaving routine like I am.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll experience the same jump in self-confidence that I did. I can’t say that it’s 100% thanks to MicroTouch – being out of my 20s and having a bit more of my life figured out has definitely helped. But it’s also the little details that make a difference, like investing in a high-quality shaver so that I get a better daily shave.

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