Laser X: Fun and Excitement – Our Comprehensive Review

I recently had to plan a birthday party for my oldest girl, who is OBSESSED with laser tag. She wanted nothing more for her birthday than to go with six friends to play a few rounds of laser tag, and I figured it seemed like a reasonable ask.

Until I realized just how EXPENSIVE these laser tag places can be. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into something similar, but we’re talking over 100 dollars a head, let alone additional costs associated with the birthday party pack.

I was getting ready to break the bad news to her — we just couldn’t afford it, and I figured we could find something less expensive to do, like bowling — when a friend recommended I check out Laser X.

So I did, and thank GOD for that. Laser X has been the answer to my birthday prayers. Let me explain exactly what makes this product so awesome.

What Is Laser X?

Laser X is basically at-home laser tag equipment, and they sell multiple options, so you (and your kids) can customize your purchases based on how many players you have and what type of game(s) you want to play.

It’s similar to how Nerf operates: you can buy two packs for a simple one-on-one laser tag, different types of laser shooters, a gaming tower to run different types of games, etc. In short, you can set up a laser tag course in your yard or basement and customize it to your exact scenario.

So, I bought four of the Laser X Double Blaster Originals and the Laser X Gaming Tower for the birthday party. During the party, each kid made their own special “security” badge and decorated a pair of sunglasses to pretend to be spies or FBI agents.

I debriefed them on using the laser blasters as if I were their captain, giving them their mission protocol before heading into enemy territory. (It’s also how every round at Laser Tag begins, and I wanted to adhere to that experience as much as possible.) Then, the fun began.

How Far Do They Shoot?

According to the website, the laser blasters work up to 200 feet away. I didn’t go out there with a tape measure to check, but I can definitely tell you that they worked at a long enough range to let the kids have plenty of fun and sufficiently mimic the experience of being in a real laser tag shooting gallery. They ran around the yard, dodging behind bushes, trees, and fences, and all the equipment seemed to work perfectly!

I’ll be honest: At first, I was a little doubtful about how well all this equipment would work compared to a legit laser tag establishment. After all, I figured those places are expensive for a reason, and I wouldn’t be able to effectively imitate them at home. Boy, could I not have been more wrong. It actually couldn’t have been easier to set up an impromptu laser tag gallery in our own yard.

What Is the Gaming Tower?

After the standard game of tag, I set up the gaming tower, which has nine built-in games the kids cycled through. Four of them are single-player games, so they took turns trying them out, each getting a turn being the “main character” of the moment.

Then there’s Capture the Flag, which was hugely popular. I think they played that one alone for almost an hour. Finally, there are four head-to-head challenges. I’m not going to pretend I understood all of the rules and everything happening in the backyard, but I do know that it kept everyone entertained for a looooong time. And as a mom, that’s all you can ask for.

How Do the Laser Blasters Work?

I have to admit that the laser blasters themselves are pretty cool. A light-up dial on the side tells you when you need to reload, and they’re super ergonomic and a very convenient size (again, just like Nerf). I was a bit tempted to try them out myself. Overall, I was just super impressed with the quality of everything I bought. The bang for your buck is unreal.

What Are the Long-Range Blasters?

Oh, before I forget: I also ended up buying two of the “Long Range Blasters,” which are basically long-distance laser guns that go twice as far as the regular ones.

Once my boys saw how much fun Daphne and her friends were having, they begged me to get some for them. Even though it wasn’t their birthday, I just had to oblige. The long-range blasters are great because they provide haptic feedback (AKA they vibrate when you shoot them), which just adds to the whole experience.

I held my daughter’s birthday party in the afternoon, so it was bright when they played. But even in the bright sunlight, they still worked fine — none of the kids seemed too bothered. I think ideally, though, you’d use them at night. They light up with a range of UV colors, and it’s more exciting and satisfying to use them in the dark when all you can see of your opponents is a colorful light in the dark.

If you aren’t super convinced that Laser X is for you or your family, don’t stress — they have a great 30-day return policy, so you can try them out and return them for your money back within 30 days if you decide you don’t like them. Personally, that kind of policy always reassures me when I buy something online.

Are There Drawbacks to Laser X?

One drawback of Laser X is it takes somewhat of a long time to ship. I think it took three weeks for everything to arrive for the birthday party.

Luckily, they state that on the website, so I had plenty of heads up to prepare and build in that time while planning the party. But if you’re looking for laser tag equipment that will be on your doorstep the next day, Laser X probably isn’t going to be it.

The Laser X Way

Otherwise, I’d recommend this product to anyone with kids, especially between eight and 13. Few things can beat the joy of being a child and getting to shoot fake guns at your friends.

When I was growing up, it was Nerf guns and Super Soakers; now it’s Laser X. Toys just keep getting better, I guess. My kids have been absolutely obsessed since they started using their laser blasters — the party was a hit, and they’ve kept playing with all of the equipment long after the party ended.

I think I’ve seen them in the backyard or basement, shooting around every other day since the party, which was three weeks ago. It’s been such a joy to see them so happy with this equipment and consistently occupied by something that doesn’t require me to be entertaining them or constantly supervising.

Other parents will get this — it’s truly been a time-saver for me. And it ended up costing much less than I would’ve paid for the full birthday setup at Laser Quest! I’ve never been one to so adamantly recommend something I bought online before, but this has been really great, and I just had to spread the word.

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