Granitestone / Graniterock: A Chef’s Honest Review of These Kitchen Products

If you cook in your kitchen even a bit — I’m talking once a week here — you NEED to invest in some Granitestone products. Their kitchenware and pans have literally changed my experience in the kitchen, and I consider myself an amateur chef (I cook nearly every day and do catering on the weekends). I know my way around a kitchen, and now that I’ve gotten used to these, I cannot imagine having to cook without them.

What Are Granitestone Products Made Of?

Granitestone pans are made of anodized aluminum, which means they both conduct heat super well AND are nonstick. If you know anything about cookware, you probably know that those two things are usually mutually exclusive. You can either have an awesome nonstick pan, or you can have a pan that conducts heat well and has a long lifespan — not both. That’s what I thought, too, until I decided to give Granitestone a try.

I didn’t fully get into Granitestone until I started seeing it everywhere. A handful of my cooking friends started buying from their product lines, and then I did some research, and then their ads started popping up everywhere, and now? Now I’m officially hooked. I can’t believe I held out for so long.

Let me walk you through all of the Granitestone products I have and why I love them so much.

Granitestone Features

I started simple with the 14-inch Pro Series Family Skillet. It feels like I’m always cooking omelets for breakfast, holiday brunches, and weekend morning catering events. This pan is super big, super durable, and exactly what I want to use to fry up hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, and chopped vegetables.

Even Heat Distribution

It’s made cooking eggs SO much easier. Since the heat distributes through the pan really well, I don’t have to worry about under or overcooking any part of the egg, which is super critical when you’re cooking up eggs for a bunch of people to a bunch of done-ness specifications.

Easy Cleanup

It also makes cleanup so much easier, which is usually a nightmare after a big catering job. I have to soak all of my pans on rotation so that I don’t give myself carpal tunnel from scrubbing, so there are dirty pans sitting in the sink for HOURS.

My coworkers used to give me so much crap for letting the pans soak for so long, but sometimes it truly was the only way to get them clean. With Granitestone, no more pots and pans just soaking. All I have to do is rinse them, and all the food crust slides right off.

Cool to the Touch

I also really enjoy that the handle doesn’t burn my hand, even after the pan has been sitting on the stove for nearly three hours. From my years of cooking experience, it seems really difficult to design a pan that can get as hot as this one without also needing oven mitts to take it off the stove. This one might actually be the first, and I really appreciate that.


I also appreciate that the pan can sit on the stove for three hours straight and not warp or degrade in any way. I’m pretty sure it’s rated to withstand 500 degrees in the oven, so I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s so durable. But it’s nice to see brands live up to their product claims, especially on something you use frequently, like cookware.

Other Products from Granitestone

After I bought the 14-inch pan and realized what I was missing out on, I went full send and bought the Ceramic PRO 13 Piece Cookware set. Now, this I truly can no longer live without. It comes with two pans of different diameters plus their lids, two pots of different diameters plus THEIR lids, and four cooking utensils, including two types of spatulas and three types of spoons.

Everything is made of that anodized aluminum with a ceramic core to evenly distribute heat. It’s all non-stick, non-scratch, and super durable (yet also super light? I’ll admit I don’t quite understand the science behind how this works, but I’m not going to complain!).

Finally, I most recently bought the five-quart Dutch Oven with Self-Basting Lid Technology in the shade Emerald. Unlike my older Dutch oven, which was an ugly hunk of metal, this one looks so beautiful on my countertop. The underside of the lid is designed to constantly bast the food in the oven, so you don’t have to worry about it drying out from the heat. I had never seen a Dutch oven designed like that before, and I’ve been super impressed since I started using it.

I love all of my Granitestone products, and I would recommend them to anyone who uses their kitchen at home, even just sparingly. But they also have SO many more products beyond the ones I described here. I wish I could try them all.

They have roaster pans, stock pots, nesting pots, cookie trays, steamers — the list goes on and on. After several weeks of using the pots and pans that I have, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their other products as well. If they’re all made with the same level of care and quality as the Ceramic PRO 13 Piece Set, you really can’t go wrong.

How Much Is Granitestone Cookware?

Now let’s talk about price. For the quality of cookware you’re getting, I think it’s a super fair price point. If you’re at all familiar with quality cookware you probably know that it quickly becomes very easy to spend a LOT of money on the good stuff. Considering that all of my Granitestone products have performed at the level of the insanely nice stuff I’ve used in the past for a fraction of the cost, I’d say it’s well worth your money.

Also, they have a really good return policy — you can return your products for your money back within 30 days. That on top of the already reasonable prices just makes this a steal, in my opinion. I finally understand why all of my friends have these products and why they’ve gotten so much hype on the internet.

Cooking Made Simple With Granitestone

If you’re already happy with your cookware and don’t mind spending a lot of time on cleanup, then maybe these products aren’t for you. But if you’re in the market for any type of new cookware, and want something that will last you a long time but also has a nonstick coating, I could not recommend Granitestone more.

I also think these products are great for anyone looking to build a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. The granite flecking or bright color finishes on all of their products are just so beautiful, the only comparison that comes to mind is Le Creuset cookware (which is, of course, much more expensive).

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this brand. I don’t usually sit at my computer to blab so much on a product review, but I just can’t help myself with this one. My Granitestone pots and pans have made cooking and cleanup so much easier and more enjoyable. If you’ve been on the fence about buying them, this is your sign — I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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