Blade Maid: Cleaning Efficiency Unleashed – Our Review

This is a great product. It’s saved my life with allergies so far this fall. I’ve always been allergic to dust, mold, pollen, etc. My friends joke that there is never a season I’m not blowing my nose — which is true and actually pretty embarrassing.

People constantly think I’m sick because I’m sneezing, but it’s really allergies! Anyway, I’ve always done a pretty good job cleaning and keeping my space dust and mold-free for the above-mentioned reasons. The less dust and debris in my space, the less I’m sneezing.

Does It Work for Ceiling Fans?

But one area of my room has ALWAYS eluded me: The ceiling fan. The ceiling fan blades collect dust like NO other, but cleaning it just feels so impossible. First of all, I have high ceilings, so just reaching it is a challenge in and of itself. I have to put my desk chair on my bed and then stand on top of that, which I would recommend to no one.

It’s a huge safety hazard, I’m aware. But it’s also the only way to reach the fan! And I use my fan a lot, which means whatever dust gathers on the blades is constantly being subtly flung off and left to float around my room. At least, that’s what I picture happening.

So because of all this, I pretty much never dust my fan UNTIL a friend introduced me to Blade Maid. She’d recently bought one to clean her fan and was instantly hooked. As soon as she started telling me about it, I knew I needed to try it.

So, I bought my own Blade Maid, and it changed my life. (Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration.) Let me tell you why I’m so obsessed with this product.

You know Swiffers, the original dusting tool that’s basically a dusting cloth attached to a long handle so you can reach under beds and shelves and whatnot? That’s what this is, but it is specifically designed for dusting ceiling fans. It has a long handle that reaches up to the ceiling and envelops the blades of the fan, dusting them with one swipe.

The Benefits of Blade Maid: Design and Ease of Use

The long handle made it worth it right off the bat. It has a telescopic handle that reaches like three feet, I think? Now I can just stand on my bed and dust the fan, rather than setting up the death trap of a chair on top of the bed.

Also, this might be a weird thing to note, but the handle is weirdly ergonomic. It has a padded foam grip that makes it super easy to hold and manipulate, which I think is especially useful when cleaning a fan. You’re dusting one blade, and the fan starts spinning, making it impossible to finish the job. Total nightmare, right? Not anymore, not with this.

The other thing that makes it sooooo much easier to dust is that the design is slotted, so the fan blades just fit right into the dusting fabric. In other words, it’s like a little sleeve for the blade. You slide the Blade Maid around the blade of the fan, and it gets dusted on all four sides with one swipe.

Well, actually, I usually go over it with a few swipes, just to be safe. I’ve noticed one time isn’t really sufficient. But unlike all of my previous dusting methods, it’s easy to go over this multiple times because I don’t lose hold of the blade while I’m dusting it.

Sustainability and Special Offers

Okay, here’s the real kicker about the Blade Maid: The dusting pads (like the fabric that forms the sleeve around the blades) are microfiber, reusable, and MACHINE-WASHABLE. No more single-use waste each time I dust!!

Before this, when I was using Swiffer dusting cloths, I felt so self-conscious about how much waste I was generating. As I mentioned earlier, I try to stay on top of my dusting and cleaning. I’d get halfway through my room, toss the cloth I was using, and replace it with another.

First, I feel like the microfiber cloth on this product naturally picks up more dust and dirt. It feels like a higher-quality material if that makes sense. So I usually can get through the entire room without feeling like I’m just spreading more dust around rather than actually cleaning.

Then, once the fabric has reached its maximum capacity for picking up dust, I can just throw it in the laundry hamper, wash it, and use it again! It’s so convenient and easy! I’ve washed and dried them on the normal cycle (washed in hot and dried on hot), and I’ve had no issues. What a relief.

I’ve also used mine to dust my baseboards, moldings, and air vents on my ceiling. The microfibers poke out the sides of the sleeve, so you can make it work for things that aren’t specifically fan-blade-shaped. I still have to use a Swiffer to do my floors and flat surfaces, but the parts of my room that were previously a total nightmare to dust have now become super easy.

Oh, before I forget — they also send it with a flex brush, which is basically like a dusting wand covered in that microfiber cloth. I use this to dust my blinds, and it’s AWESOME. I’m not sure if that was a special deal or if they always do it, but I would highly recommend jumping on it if that deal is still going on.

When I bought mine, the deal was buy one, get one 50% off, with the added flex duster. So it was two blade maids plus one flex duster for $30, which I felt was an awesome deal. That way, when one of the blade maid cloths was in the laundry, I still had another one to use.

Conclusion: The Best for Ceiling Fans

Also, if you have an extra-high ceiling fan, I think there’s an extender you can buy for the handle that makes it extend to six feet. So unless you have 20-foot ceilings or super oddly-shaped fan blades, I think the Blade Maid should work for your fan.

I don’t know if I would recommend this product if you don’t have ceiling fans or already have an easy fan-cleaning method. It’s useful for other nooks and crannies around the home, but the four-sided sleeve design is the highlight and the most useful part. You probably don’t need a Blade Maid if you don’t need that.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and HATE cleaning your fan or just don’t know how to do it effectively, I would highly recommend getting a Blade Maid. It made my dusting/cleaning process so much easier, and that says a lot, considering how often I dust my room and how much I suffer when I don’t. My sneezing/blowing my nose habits have changed so much from this that my friends have actually commented on it.

Overall, I’d give the Blade Maid five out of five stars and would definitely buy it again.

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