H2O Steam Mop X5: Cleaning Made Effortless — Our Review

Cleaning the floor is one of my least favorite things to do, yet it’s probably one of the things I find myself doing most often. (There is no justice in this world, I tell you.)

With three kids and a dog running around my house all day, it doesn’t take long AT all for the floors to become sticky, stained, or just covered in dust and dog hair. And while none of us are allergic to dogs, it isn’t exactly great to live in an environment with so much free-floating pet dander.

For so long, I got into a floor-cleaning routine that worked well, but just took SO dang long. First, I’d sweep, then vacuum. Finally, I’d go over everything with a Wet Jet, sometimes hand-scrubbing the spilled food and glue and mysterious liquids my children left behind. It was effective, but it took almost two hours to go over all of the hardwood floors in my home. It was just too much.

Then, I discovered the H2O Steam Mop X5. I was picking my kids up from a playdate and stopped to chat with the other mom as she was mopping her kitchen. I had never seen the mop she was using before and just had to know about it.

Turns out, it was the H20 Steam Mop X5, and after she demonstrated it for me, I went home and immediately ordered one. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What Makes the Steam Mop X5 So Special?

First of all, it’s a steam cleaner, meaning it uses steam to not just clean but also sanitize floors. This has been proven to kill 99% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses, just like hand sanitizer. In a house that’s bound to explode into chaos at any moment and where if one kid is sick, all of them get sick, this sanitizing feature is absolutely essential. Now that I’ve started using a steam sanitizing mop, I can’t imagine ever going back.

Plus, it doesn’t just sanitize. It also cleans like a regular mop and does it WELL. I usually only have to go over the floor one time with this to get all the grime and stains out. Before, it would sometimes be two to three times with the Wet Jet, even after I’d already swept and vacuumed. It’s super effective at getting dirt off the floors and saves me time nearly every single day.

What Else Can the Steam Mop X5 Do?

What I love so much about this product is that even though it mops super well, it isn’t JUST a mop. It’s called the Steam Mop X5 because it’s actually five products in one — a floor cleaner, of course, but also a carpet cleaner, handheld steamer, garment steamer, and glass cleaner.

That’s right — this one product can take care of half your household cleaning tasks. I ordered my X5 just off my neighbor’s recommendation and didn’t realize it had so much functionality until it arrived. Once I realized how much it could do, I was absolutely blown away. I’ll give you a little rundown of how well it performs each of these functions.

Floor Cleaner

First, we have the regular floor cleaning function. As I said, it uses super hot steam to clean and sanitize the floor, and I’ve found that this is the function it works best at. The steam is really effective, and it doesn’t take long to heat up. By my count, it takes less than 30 seconds to heat up to the 1300-watt steam power that makes it such an effective cleaner.

It has several different steam settings, including low, medium, and high. Low and medium work best for any type of hard floor, including hardwood, linoleum, laminate, and marble. High works best for carpet, with the carpet glider attachment (more on that later).

Glass Cleaner/Handheld Steamer

I would recommend using the Hot Spray setting for other hard surfaces, such as glass, car wheels, kitchen surfaces, etc.

To use it on these surfaces, you simply convert it into a handheld steamer (which is super easy and takes just a few seconds), switch it to the Hot Spray setting, and go at it.

Of course, there are some surfaces the X5 doesn’t work super well with. I haven’t had much luck using it to get mildew out of the corner of the bathrooms, for example. But I REALLY like using this feature to sanitize my countertops and bathroom surfaces each day. Even if it doesn’t get the tiny little details or specks of grime, I feel like it’s keeping my family healthier, which is the most important thing.

Carpet Cleaner

You can turn it into a carpet cleaner by attaching the carpet glider under the mop head. The carpet glider allows it to glide over the high-friction surface of the rug or carpet while still working efficiently.

Just like the handheld steamer function, I don’t know if I’d rely on this setting if I really needed to deep-clean my carpets or if I had a serious problem spill, like say, a berry smoothie all over the white carpet.

But as far as daily touch-ups and sanitizing go, it works like a charm. And I have so much more peace of mind knowing I’m staying on top of the cleanliness of our house and the health and well-being of my family.

Garment Steamer

You can also use the X5 as a garment steamer, which I personally haven’t done yet, but it’s nice to know that I can if and when I want to. Garment steamers can be expensive, and I love the fact that when I bought this mop, I unknowingly bought a garment steamer — one less thing to worry about. I know that my neighbor who first introduced me to the X5 uses it as a garment steamer all the time.

Is the X5 Safe?

Here’s another thing I really love about this product: It uses superheated steam rather than harsh chemicals to get the job done. I don’t like to use harsh chemicals for several reasons — I think they’re bad for the environment and our health, even if used effectively. I have a hunch that 30 years from now, all these studies will prove how terrible the household cleaners that most of us use daily are. I just want to avoid that day of reckoning if at all possible.

I also don’t like to keep harsh cleaners in a home with young children and pets. It’s too much of a risk, and I’m a worrier, so I would just be worrying about the kids getting into all that stuff all the time.

So I love that the X5 gets the job done without using those types of chemicals. Steam might be hot, but the way this product works, it’s totally safe for use around young children. That was a major selling point for me and a huge reason I’d recommend it to others.

The H20 Steam Mop X5 for All-in-One Cleaning

Even if you don’t have a dog and kids, this thing is literally five different cleaning products in one, and it works WELL for a super reasonable price. I would rate it five out of five stars and could not recommend it more.

Trust me — you’re going to love the H20 Steam Mop X5.

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