10 Luxurious Gifts That Recent College Grads Will Love

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It’s finally time for the graduates in your life to don their robes and take their first steps out into the world. They’ve taken these years to find themselves. Now they’re ready to start their lives and enter careers they are passionate about. After four years of study, these young people deserve to be celebrated. 

Treat the grads in your life to luxury this spring. Jewelry is a classic graduation gift that can become a sparkling reminder of their academic accomplishments. You can also get creative and use your gift to help set them up for a solid career. This list includes 10 grad gift ideas, from first apartment upgrades to personal makeovers, to celebrate the graduate in your life and set them up for a successful future. 

Memorialize the Occasion With Stunning Jewelry 

There is a reason jewelry has become a traditional graduation gift. Each time your loved one decides to wear the necklace, bracelet, or ring you gift them, they’ll remember how special it felt to finally hold that diploma. When they put on the piece you gave them, it will provide them with an extra boost of confidence to nail their job interviews. 

  1. Keep It Classic With a Cuban Link Chain From CRAFTD

Photo Source: CRAFTD

Jewelry isn’t just for the young ladies in your life. Men can use jewelry to elevate their suits or take a casual everyday look from drab to fab. However, young men may not even think to buy jewelry for themselves. The best gifts are always those we don’t think to purchase on our own. 

If you are shopping for a male graduate, keep it simple. Chances are they’ll wear a classic piece more often. Consider a simple and stylish Cuban link chain from CRAFTD. They have chains in silver and gold and feature multiple link sizes, so you can find a Cuban link chain that fits your graduate’s unique style. 

For those who tend to dress subtly, choose a thin 2mm or 4mm chain. If your grad has a more adventurous sense of style, go bold with a thick 12mm Cuban link chain. CRAFTD also has sets featuring a necklace and bracelet to give your grad more variety in how he styles the jewelry. All of their jewelry is hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s both sweatproof and waterproof. Your grad won’t have to remove his new necklace to get in a workout at the gym or hit the beach with friends this summer. 

  1. Use Daniel’s Jewelers To Finance a Piece Worthy of Your Graduate’s Accomplishments

Watches are a timeless graduation gift. It will be like you’re holding their hand when they enter their first job interview. Unfortunately, quality watches aren’t always the most affordable gift option. Your graduate deserves a piece that celebrates all their hard work.

You can gift the grad a beautiful watch even if your budget is tight this spring. Daniel’s Jewelers offers financing programs to make a jewelry purchase possible, no matter your financial situation. Credit jewelers like Daniel’s Jewelers allow you to pay for a piece over time rather than the full price upfront. 

Peruse Daniel’s Jewelers’ wide selection of jewelry for both men and women on their website. You can conveniently apply for their credit program when you check out. Once you apply, you’ll see what your down payment for the purchase is and what your monthly payments will be. You can then decide if your chosen piece for your graduate is within budget. 

Set Them Up for Success in Their First Apartment 

Many grads have lived at home or in student housing their entire lives. Living in an apartment for the first time is exciting, but it can be challenging to live luxuriously while working an entry-level job. Turn your graduation gift into a housewarming gift so your grad can start on their own in style. 

  1. Elevate Their Home Office With a Stylish Workstation Desk From Branch Furniture 

Photo Source: Branch Furniture 

Don’t let your grad work at the dining room table each day. Chances are they’ll be living with roommates, which will only lead to distractions. Gift them a stylish workstation desk from Branch Furniture to get their home office space started. A dedicated workstation is essential, with so many current job openings being hybrid or remote. 

Branch Furniture’s workstation desk comes in two sizes: either 48” by 24” inches or 60” by 30”. The smaller size is probably best if they set up their workstation in their bedroom. Go with the larger desk if they have enough room in their new apartment for a complete home office setup. 

These workstation desks come with a chic top in various finishes, including woods like rich walnut or creamy white. Personalize their workstation desk further with a metal base in finishes from bright white to charcoal gray. Branch Furniture offers helpful add-ons like in-desk power to make it easy to set up a functional home office, no matter the apartment size. 

  1. Upgrade Their Decor With Washable Rugs From Tumble 

Let’s face it; college grads can be a little messy. At 21 or 22 years old, they probably still have some party energy in them. Yes, they’ll be getting to work starting their careers during the week. But that doesn’t mean they won’t want to let loose on the weekends. Help them decorate their new apartment with furnishings that are easy to keep clean. 

Tumble sells washable rugs that are as stylish as they are convenient. Your grad can dress up their living room with a gorgeous rug without worrying if their friend spills their beer all over the floor. Tumble washable rugs are 100% spillproof and can go directly into the washing machine. 

They come with a convenient cushioned non-slip pad to make them more comfortable underfoot. All of Tumble’s rugs are hand illustrated in-house, and they have a wide variety of design styles to fit your grad’s aesthetic. 

  1. Help Advance Their Culinary Skills With a Mueller Hand Blender 

If your grad is moving into an apartment for the first time, they’ll have to learn how to cook for themselves. Put them a step ahead by gifting them a kitchen tool they can use to make salad dressings, stir up soups, and blend delicious smoothies. 

Mueller’s hand blender does all of the above and is small enough not to take up too much space in their tiny kitchen. On top of the blender attachment, it also features a detachable whisk and milk frother. Your grad can whip up pancakes and froth up foam for their morning cappuccino. 

Your grad can make so many delicious recipes with their new hand blender. Since the blender fits in any cup or pot, they can use it to make a creamy butternut squash soup or whip up restaurant-quality guac for their party. A hand blender will encourage them to get creative in the kitchen and improve their culinary skills. 

  1. Trade in Their College Linens for Miracle Brand’s Luxurious Bath Towels and Sheets

Photo Source: Miracle Brand

It’s time for your grad to ditch the towel they’ve used the last four years of college. They deserve luxury new linens worthy of adulthood and their new apartment. But old habits die hard, and even though they’ve graduated, they may not wash their linens as much as they should to keep them fresh. 

Miracle Brand offers bath towels and bed sheets made from silver-infused fabrics, which may help inhibit bacteria growth. These luxury towels and sheets make the perfect gift for a grad who probably doesn’t do the laundry as often as they should. Miracle Brand’s products can be washed three times less frequently than traditional linens. 

Silver-infused fabrics are better for your grad’s skin too. Antibacterial silver woven into Miracle Brands sheets prevent acne bacteria from multiplying on your sheets while you sleep. Since less bacteria grows on the fabric, your grad will be less likely to experience skin issues like acne from sleeping on dirty sheets. 

Treat Them to a Makeover 

Everyone deserves to be pampered now and then. Gift your grad with a beauty treatment to help her feel her best as she moves into the next phase of her life. Help her elevate her style with sleek basics and makeup techniques she can use for job interviews and beyond. 

  1. Give Them Glowing Skin From the Inside Out With The IV Doc’s IV Drip Treatment 

Beauty comes from within. Of course, her personality matters, but what goes into her body is also reflected in her appearance. The end of the school year is always a challenging and stressful time. Now, your grad also has to consider what she’ll do next. Job applications and interviews can be draining. Gift her an at-home IV drip treatment from The IV Doc so she can look and feel her best with all the changes coming her way. 

Their signature Beautify IV drip treatment is packed with B vitamins, hydration, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. Set up her telehealth appointment, and a doctor will be in touch to discuss her unique needs. They’ll bring her personalized IV drip to her at home and give her the celebrity treatment. 

Her IV drip infusion will refresh her skin and hair. Plus, the surge of vitamins can boost energy. She’ll enter her first interview as confident as a starlet on the red carpet. If your grad isn’t a beauty queen, The IV Doc also offers IV drip treatments for all their wellness needs. Gift a grad who is traveling after graduation with an Immunity Boost IV treatment to prevent them from getting sick on their big adventure. 

  1. Update their Wardrobe With Fun Summer Fits From Naked Wardrobe

Photo Source: Naked Wardrobe

It’s time for the grad in your life to transition from student to professional. They’ll need to update their wardrobe to be prepared for job interviews and their first day at work in an office. Gift them elevated work looks that speak to their generation’s fabulous style. 

Naked Wardrobe features chic basics that Gen Z girls are sure to love. They offer a wide variety of figure-hugging basics that will have your grad feeling confident in her skin. Naked Wardrobe was founded on providing clothing for everyone, regardless of shape or size. Their sizing is incredibly inclusive, featuring models of different body types. 

They’ve even launched a Suit Collection. Let your grad rock up to her first interview as bold as she is beautiful in their funky hot pink blazer. She can pair it with suit pants for an elevated look or dress it down over one of Naked Wardrobe’s signature rompers. The pieces from Naked Wardrobe are easy to mix and match, dress up or down, and your grad will have fun using them to express her signature style. 

  1. Enhance Their Lashes With Lashify’s Natural Lash Extensions 

Graduation nearly always comes in late spring or early summer. Your grad probably has plans to hang with friends at the beach and the pool to celebrate their transition into adulthood. However, wearing mascara in the summer can be aggravating. Once you dive into the water, your makeup starts running down your face.

Give your grad the gift of DIY natural lash extensions with Lashify’s Control Kit. Their Control Kit has two sets of natural lash extensions, an applicator wand, a dual-sided bond, and their finishing coat. She can learn to do her own lashes rather than waste time and money at the salon this summer. 

Let your grad choose which natural lash extensions best suit her eye shape. Their Gossamer lashes come in three styles and multiple colors so she can find her perfect match. These natural lash extensions apply in minutes and will last up to a week with the correct application. She can swim to her heart’s content all summer without pesky mascara getting in her eyes. 

  1. Take Them to Sephora for a Beauty Lesson 

The beauty lover in your life will appreciate a shopping spree at Sephora. Treat her to a guided beauty lesson with one of their expert beauticians. They’ll teach your grad makeup tips and tricks to create a flawless professional look.

Sephora’s beauty lessons last 75 minutes. Your grad can ask questions and get all the beauty tips she needs to apply her makeup confidently. Sephora’s beauty experts have her covered whether she wants to learn to contour or just needs help choosing a new foundation. Sephora’s beauty lessons last 75 minutes. 

Their knowledge of brands and products will help them guide her toward the best matches for her unique skin shade and texture. Once the lesson is complete, you can fill her basket with the makeup items used so she can recreate the look at home. 

Give a Gift That Celebrates Their Accomplishments and Helps Them Reach Their Goals

The grads in your life deserve the very best. Celebrate all their academic achievements with gifts they can use for years. Whether you buy them the watch they wear to the first day of their big finance job using credit jewelers or the washable rugs that will decorate their first home — you’ll have given your grad a gift that sets them up for success.